Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome To Fear Street...

I've been re-reading a ton of Fear Street lately so I decided to start this blog to "wax poetic" on all the crazy shit in these books.

I might get into Ghosts of Fear Street later on...but that will be MUCH later if at all.

So yeah. Enjoy...


  1. Oh. My. God. I just happened upon your blog via your comment on Tales of a Former Highlighter and I am SO excited about it! I used to LOVE the Fear Street books, and got into them WAY more than Sweet Valley (must have been something about all the Wakefield-esque girls getting murdered...I was an odd child...these books and Christopher Pike's (which were even more disturbing) were so my jam).

    Some of my favorites that I so look forward to you hopefully doing include The Dead Lifeguard, The Stepsister (and its sequel) and The Cheerleader series. Oh my hell did I LOVE the Cheerleader series! Squeeeeee! I love the sudden eruption of blogs recapturing my tween years and am so looking forward to more recaps. I was actually hoping that someone would chronicle the awesomeness that was Fear Street so you are my new blog hero!

    And thanks so much for the linkage, you're totally being added to my link list as well!

  2. I'm glad somebody is into these :) Thanks!

    I'm doing The Stepsister next and The Cheerleaders will DEFINITELY be making an appearance at some point.

  3. Amelia Knight, EnglandJune 10, 2009 at 11:01 AM

    Thank you so much for uploading these recaps. I remember the Fear Street series so well, mainly because they were the only thing distracting me from getting my self stoned, round about 15 years ago. Just kidding.
    Anyway, I'm 28 now, and I am so thankful for your time and effort in putting the recaps online. Keep up the great work!

  4. I love your blog,I too was an avid reader of Fear Street and still have at least three books left from my tween years,I stared reading them at the age of nine by nicking them from my siblings bookcases. I hope you do "The Rich Girl" "The Surprise Party " and "The Betrayal." I loved your recap about "Double Date" wicked funny,I think he,Joanna from the "Boyfriend" and Reva from "Silent Night" should be locked in a room together . I always thought Bobby was a douchebag and that whole strutting around his room going "I'm cool! I'm cool" was a bit juvenile and the fictional character who could away with doing that is Van Montgomery from the tv show "Reba". Keep up the posting .= )

  5. i used to have almost the fear street collection love em

  6. well i found you my hero.....I always love to read fear street series...The first book i read was the secret bedroom i was highschool during that time and my cousin have it. When i started reading I want to read more of stine books but sad to say its not available here anywhere in bookstore. I stopped reading finally when i finish my studies I started to read tru downloading ebooks from torrent then i saw your blog...such amazing now i can afford to read those stine novels tru your...thank you so much.