Sunday, April 27, 2008

Which should I do next: Silent Night, Goodnight Kiss, or The Boyfriend?

I can't decide so I'll leave it up to you, readers. Although I think all 4 of you (wow, that's sad considering the number of readers some of these sites get!) will choose Silent Night.

Just throwing it out there anyway.


  1. How about Silent Night, then The Boyfriend, then Goodnight Kiss - so as not to have two "Night" titles in a row. Although "The Boyfriend" and "Goodnight Kiss" both sound like they'll have a "twisted romance" angle to them.

    Note: I've never read any Fear Street, but I used to read a lot of Point Horror, which seems to have been the same sort of thing (R.L. Stine wrote for that as well).

  2. I vote for Silent Night. I remember that one, and vaguely remember The Boyfriend. I didn't read Goodnight Kiss at all so I can wait.

  3. Yay! I loved Silent Night!

  4. I've only read The Secret Bedroom, so anything is fine with me.

    (Reader #4, out!)

  5. (AKA "Anonymous No More")

    While I may fail at regular commenting, I've still been here reading! Those other blogs took awhile to catch on, too; your readership will definitely grow. You already have more than four fans! :P

    Looking forward to your take on Silent Night!

  6. I can't wait for the Silent Night recap.
    I'm sure you have a bit of a following... a lot of people just don't comment.
    Whatever you do, don't stop blogging! I love it! :)

  7. It's so funny how well I remember all these books! Thanks so much for doing this! It makes my time at work seem not as long! :)

  8. Hey, I never comment but I’m around…I never really read much R.L. Stine and Fear Street was a little beyond my time spent with YA novels. Sheesh, I’m not even old. I pop in every once and while to see if there is anything I recognize!