Saturday, June 14, 2008


As you know, this quaint little blog thrives on what all six of it's readers want. And that is why I want to know: what books would you like to see re-capped? I know the Cheerleader trilogy is high on a few people's list and I'll definitely be getting to those. But what else? I'm going to be trolling for more Fear Street soon because my collection isn't very extensive and I need to bulk up. So come on! Throw your favorites out there!

On an unrelated note, does anyone know where to find GOOD Blogger layouts? I'm sick of looking at my boring "design" but I can't find anything that looks good...


  1. 99 Fear Street : The House of Evil! And the Fear Street Saga!

    As for non-trilogies...

    Bad Dreams
    The Wrong Number 1 &2
    The Prom Queen
    Bad Moonlight
    The Thrill Club
    The Midnight Club

    These suggestions are all based on the fact that i vaguely remember their covers, of course...

  2. The Best Friend and The Best Friend 2, were pretty good. The Best Friend 2 was actually a book demanded by fans because they were unhappy with the way the first ended.

  3. Fear Park
    Fear Hall
    Fear Street Seniors (I think there was 12 in that series)
    Fear Street Sagas series (The twelve part series, not the original trilogy)
    Fear Street Nights series (I haven't read any of these, but have requested them at my library)


  4. I think I blocked all the fear street books I've read.

    I do remember the Fear Street Cheerleaders, so would love to read a recap of those.

    Was there a book with an evil babysitter/nanny?


  5. Sorry, I only read Point Horror. But of those, apparently Stine's contributions include The Baby-Sitter I, II, III and IV. Oh, and "Call Waiting"! I think I remember that one! Or one line of it, anyway!

  6. Definitely the cheerleaders, and also the Babysitter books. I remember that I really liked those.

    I'm at my parents' house right now so I decided to see what Fear Street Books I had. They are all the ones you just wrote about--Broken Hearts, Silent Night 2, The Stepsister, etc! What are the chances. I think the only one I have that you haven't written about yet is Wrong Number.

  7. Right now, I'm on a mission to re-read all of the multi-part books (i.e. Cheerleaders, Best Friend 1 & 2, etc.), so I'd personally prefer seeing recaps of standalone books as I am not re-reading those. Mostly because your writing is probably better than Stine's, but at least reading multi-parters give Stine a chance to have a satisfying ending and some level of suspense. Except I want Silent Night 3, since you recapped the first two and I want to find out what happens in the third the same way.

    I'd especially like the Super Chillers (besides the ones you're already doing, The New Year's Party, Party Summer, and High Tide), The Stepbrother to compare with The Stepsister 1 & 2, The Face and The Secret Bedroom because I remember them being good, Who Killed the Homecoming Queen and The Prom Queen because it’s like Sweet Valley by way of Stine, One Evil Summer because it’s Baby-Sitters Club by way of Stine, The Knife because it’s Buffy episode Killed by Death by way of Stine, Switched because I love body-switching stories when they’re presented as such, The Bad Girl because I wanna see how bad the Frankenstein ripoff is, The Runaway because it seems to be a Carrie ripoff, Beach House (which isn’t Fear Street) because I like history-repeats-itself storylines, Cat because I wanna see if it’s the same storyline as Power Rangers, and Missing because the storyline sounds like it has potential, which Stine will probably squander but still.

    And if you're willing to do his adult novels even though they're not Fear Street because I never plan to read them, I think he has 3: Superstitious, The Sitter, and Eye Candy.

    I kinda wish you wouldn't do the whole Cheerleaders saga (There's six of 'em.) just because after the first one, it just goes down and the ending is SOOO stupid. But others want them, so.

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  9. Oh, wait, I see now that you're already doing 5 of the 23 I want most (big number, I know, but it's my favorite to an odd degree) - Bad Moonlight, Goodnight Kiss 1 & 2, One Evil Summer, and Switched. So...the other 18, but especially the half that are bolded.

  10. I'm looking forward to "One Evil Summer" and "Switched." Also I would enjoy the 99 Fear Street trilogy.

    I just read "Superstitious" (one of his adult novels" and would enjoy comments on that one day...what a weird book. Of course.

  11. Recap whatever you want! Your recaps make my days at work go by soooo much faster!

  12. * I don't know what happened to half of my punctuation up there...sorry :(

  13. I'm excited for Goodnight Kiss 1 annd 2. I loved those books and I'm sure they are just awful.

  14. Anything which had a sequel is good, as so far, the sequels have been amusingly appalling.

  15. I just want more pictures of R.L. Stine!! Preferably including the use of Photoshop!!

  16. Definitely the Fear Street Saga series..I think there were 3. I remember reading those and thinking what good writing they were, haha!

  17. And after searching on Amazon, I found the names of two of my favorites from when I was younger: Double Date and The New Boy.

  18. Yes, the Fear Street Saga series! (And see, you have more than six readers! Yay!)

  19. My library is missing a few of the Seniors, which iirc comprised my favorite Fear Street books ever, so I'd like it if you did them.

  20. I just got the first two Fear Street Nights books from my library.
    Stine moved to 1st person! Guess he decided that wasn't just for Goosebumps anymore.
    Oh yeah, do the Cataluna Chronicles.
    And I second doing Missing. I remember being so frustrated at that twist ending.
    Mind Reader is another good one.

  21. Is "The Girlfriend" the sequel to "The Boyfriend"? If so, do that one, too, if you can find it.

  22. please re-capp "The New Boy" and "The Dare". thank u