Saturday, June 28, 2008

Web Crazy

A few recent web searches that have led poor, unsuspecting victims to this blog:

- "alyssa pryor" (Who is this? And why would she be on Fear Street?)

- "dead mice swimming pool ok for swimming" (Come on now. That's a no brainer...)

- "fear of dimples" (My God! The HORROR!)

- "fear street seniors who died" (They ALL will die eventually.)

- "fear street hospital" (No no no. Can you imagine what they would do to you in a Fear Street hospital?)

- "grizzly gorge" (Dive on in.)

- "what's the hole series of fear street books" (Probably has something to do with an open grave. At least I pray it does...I'm not prepared to examine other holes.)

- "rest in peace jesse aka slugger" (Aw. RIP)

- "name of Spence's pug" (His name is Robert Lawrence Stine.)


  1. 'pparently, Alyssa Pryor is both some kind of model, and an off-screen character from College Weekend. According to... well, Google.

    Never heard of "Fear Park," but now I see it in the sidebar. Should I be worried? It's not going to be some kind of slasher version of HorrorLand, is it? I guess something like that probably would have enough clichés for three books, if Stine's managing twelve for Goosebumps.

  2. Alyssa was the drama chick with the phone message...I remember now.

    About Fear Park, I have never read this particular series so I'm not totally sure what it's going to be like. Let's just pray it's somewhat decent...

  3. I've read Fear Park, but it's been a while. But I remember there being bloody murders with people hacking up each other with axes. I have it on my wish list at paperback swap, but it's not availble in the complete collection, just the individual books.

  4. Isn’t analytic software great? I have found many interesting combinations of words and many people looking for things that I do not have to offer.

  5. I'm reading Stine's 'Hit and Run' right now and I think he recylces his character names often. Hey -- he's part of the green movement!

  6. I think I had that one, but I remember nothing of the plot. Perhaps it's for the best.