Saturday, June 28, 2008

Web Crazy

A few recent web searches that have led poor, unsuspecting victims to this blog:

- "alyssa pryor" (Who is this? And why would she be on Fear Street?)

- "dead mice swimming pool ok for swimming" (Come on now. That's a no brainer...)

- "fear of dimples" (My God! The HORROR!)

- "fear street seniors who died" (They ALL will die eventually.)

- "fear street hospital" (No no no. Can you imagine what they would do to you in a Fear Street hospital?)

- "grizzly gorge" (Dive on in.)

- "what's the hole series of fear street books" (Probably has something to do with an open grave. At least I pray it does...I'm not prepared to examine other holes.)

- "rest in peace jesse aka slugger" (Aw. RIP)

- "name of Spence's pug" (His name is Robert Lawrence Stine.)