Monday, July 28, 2008

Update Schmupdate

The next review will be "Bad Dreams". Yes, yes, I may have wrote in the comments on the last post that I would be doing "Cheerleaders: The First Evil" but "Bad Dreams" pleaded and begged and gave me $20 so I'm gonna go ahead with that one. Plus, I'm waiting on the second and third books in the Cheerleader trilogy...I want to do the whole Cheerleader thing consecutively.

Anyway, I've been getting sidetracked by other books... Other things that have been preventing me from reading Fear Street include: kitty sickness, deleting the porn that my younger brother downloaded to our shared computer (I think it's several gigs worth. Perverted little bastard!), and OD'ing on crappy horror movies. *sigh*

You know what would make this post (and our lives) better?

I don't know about you, but poorly constructed illustrations of Stine always put a smile on my face.


  1. 1 - Sorry about you sick kitty! I feel ya, tail-itis and kitty IBS have struck our household recently…Hope it is nothing too serious. Or expensive ;)

    2 - My boyfriend destroyed my computer last summer from looking at porn and downloading some nasty virus. His excuse? “I was bored and you were at work”. Well, if that’s the case, LAME! He bought me a new schmancy one with ten times the capabilities of my old one. I say you demand a new computer from your brother.

    3 - That is the most flattering pic I have seen of R.L. yet!! If you made that, I am applauding you right now. And laughing my ass off!!

    4 - Can your book give me $20?

  2. I hope your cat feels better, and that reading about all the evil done to animals in the books didn't curse him or something.

    Also suggesting The Thrill Club to be read soon. It was one of my favorites when I was younger.

  3. BadKat, my kitty is all better...for $400, he damn well should be. And my brother's dirty affliction didn't affect the computer as much as I thought it would. About the Stine pic--I didn't make that one...I found it through Google Image search. I like how the creator remembered the mole...

    CalliopePurple (awesome name), I pray it wasn't a curse!! I never read 'The Thrill Club' back in the day, but from the description, it sounds interesting so I think I'll check it out.