Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I recently got my hands on a few books from the Fear Street Seniors series and I want to know:

Would it bother anyone if I did not do these in order?

Because the ones I have are not consecutive -- #1 Let's Party, #3 The Thirst, #5 Last Chance. I'll get more ASAP, but until then I'd like to go ahead with the few I already have.

I think these are ok as stand alone books even though they are in a series, but let me know.


  1. It wouldn't bother me, but I for one would love to see the Cheerleader series done. I loved it as a kid, but I'm sure it's not quite as good as I remember it... Could be entertaining, though!

  2. Don't mind if that series is out of order as I've never read it, but I'm so with Ann... FLOVED the Cheerleader series as a twisted adolescent and can't wait for them to be done!

    Anything you blog I will love so do whatever you're in the mood for and I will mos def read and enjoy!

  3. Don't worry, friends, you will get your Cheerleaders!

  4. Another vote for Cheerleaders!

    It doesn't matter to me about the Seniors books. I never read those & don't know anything about them. I'll read whatever you write about!

  5. If you think they stand alone, sure, do them out of order. It never bothers people the rest of the time. Just so long as no stupid twist endings are spoiled, or they are, we have time to forget. And I've never read a Fear Street book, so the issue is purely academic for me.

  6. Having reread both series this summer, Seniors includes some awesome (for Stine, at least) books; reading out of order would probably be okay as long as you didn't spoil who died in the books previous to the book being recapped. Cheerleaders is essentially the suck all the way.

  7. I would love anything you post, so do the books in any old order you want.

    Though I am waiting with bated breath for the Cheerleader saga!

  8. I'm currently rereading the Seniors series. After that I'll be rereading the Sagas.
    Doesn't bother me if you do them out of order. I read them out of order the first time anyway. It's still my favorite series.
    When you do the Cheerleaders series, are you also going to do The Evil Lives and the Awakening Evil? I haven't read The Evil Lives yet, but I think it ties into the Awakening Evil. It's been years since I read that one, but will get to when I get back to the Sagas series.