Friday, August 15, 2008

Web Crazy: Part Deux

* See the first installment here *

So I was trolling my stats to see how people find this site and I found some interesting searches. No, this isn't a thinly veiled ploy to detract your attention from the fact that I still haven't updated ('The Knife' is forthcoming, I swear!). I just find some of this crap amusing. Let's observe:

--> "her pants into shorts" videos (How does this have anything to do with Fear Street? Did R.L. Stine star in some less than savory videos in his less than savory past?)

--> christopher pike eat raw meat (I...wait...I'm...just...speechless.)

--> fear street books are boring (Then why do you have a stack of them, hmmmm? Look, it's ok to admit that you lurve the Fear Street like crack. It's people like us that keep Stine in luxury, baby.)

--> fear street super chiller silent night 3 (Just say no. I'm serious. You will be rendered BLIND if you read this book.)

--> fear street the fatty (Fear Street + bacon = love)

--> summary of the who ate fear street (Do you mean "The Who Ate Fear Street" ? As in the band The Who? Because I totally wanna read that, man...)

The End.

* I'll be damned if I don't now have a craving for bacon...and crack. No, no crack. I'm not like that, I tell ya, not like that! Stine is my crack. God, I have problems. Just ignore me.