Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fear Street Slump

I haven't been too motivated to read any Fear Street lately. I think it's because my collection is small and I'm more excited about the books I have coming in the mail. So here's a peek at what's forthcoming:

--> Best Friend 2

I can't wait to read this thing. I know it's probably gonna be absolutely horrible, but I have to know what happened to Honey! Look at her on the cover...that is such a psycho grin. Plus, Stine didn't write it. Enough said.

--> Fear Street Seniors

I've been looking forward to these for a while and I've finally gotten my hands on most of them. Everyone loves homicidal high schoolers!

--> Cheerleaders!

Dear God, that cover is hysterical! The tagline says "Season's greetings...the evil is back!" And apparently it's back in the form of an ax-wielding Santa Claus. Sweet. I'll do the Second Evil and Third Evil first, but then it's on to this gem.

--> Cat

No image for this one. Mentionable only because the main character is actually a guy for once. A guy who is haunted by the cat he killed on his way to basketball practice. Bastard!

So yeah, just a taste of the Fear-y goodness to come...