Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Fear-mas

Just a quick note to say happy holidays! You may be wondering what I got you for Christmas. Well, here you go:

If you find him climbing down your chimney with a red velvet sack chock full of old Fear Street novels, just light a fire under his holly jolly ass.

*Don't forget to tune in on New Year's Eve for 2008's Best/Worst Fear Street Characters Bonanza Extravaganza! No, there won't be booze. But there WILL be copious amounts of cursing and Stine-bashing which, as statistics show, many people enjoy.*


  1. Merry Fear-mas to you too. I'll watch out for that.

  2. happy holidays! reallly looking forward to the best/worst bonanza!

  3. Merry Fear-mas! Yes I am geeky enough to be writing on Christmas Day itself.

  4. I won't actually be here on New Year's Eve - I'll be in the icy north. Well, the damp north.

    But my heart... is in Shadyside. You know, usual ghost arrangement.

  5. Haha! That is hilarious--and kinda creepy!

    Can't wait for New Year's Eve!

  6. I love the picture! But he still looks creepy.

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