Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Seniors

The next book to make an appearance on this crappy little site will be "Seniors #1 - Let's Party". In the front of each of the Seniors books (there are only twelve) are select pages from the Shadyside High Yearbook to introduce the seniors. It gives a name, picture, and what the person likes/hates/remembers from their high school years. It also has a quote for each of them. So I've decided to put them all up here. There are just twenty listed and it would be kinda nice to know who we're reading about. I would just scan the pages, but my scanner is being a little f&*^! Enjoy...or not?

Trisha Conrad (Rich Prep)
Likes: Shopping in the mall my dad owns, giving fabulous parties, Gary Fresno
Remembers: The murder game, the senior table at Pete's Pizza
Hates: Rich girl jokes, bad karma, overalls
Quote: "What you don't know will hurt you."

Clark Dickson (Sensitive/Probable Vampire)
Likes: Debra Lake, poetry, painting
Remembers: Trisha's party, the first time I saw Debra
Hates: Nicknames, dentists, garlic pizza, tans
Quote: "Fangs for the memories."

Jennifer Fear (A Fear)
Likes: Basketball, antique jewelry, cool music
Remembers: The doom spell, senior cut day, hanging with Trisha and Josie
Hates: The way people are afraid of the Fears, pierced eyebrows
Quote: "There's nothing to fear but fear itself."

Jade Feldman (Airhead/Cheerleader)
Likes: Cheerleading, expensive clothes, working out
Remembers: Ice cream and gab fests with Dana
Hates: Cheerleading captains, ghosts, SAT prep courses
Quote: "You get what you pay for." [Wow]

Gary Fresno (Badass)
Likes: Hanging out by the bleachers, art class, gym
Remembers: Cruisin' down Division Street with the guys, that special night with that special person (you know who you are...)
Hates: My beat-up Civic, working after school everyday, cops
Quote: "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Kenny Klein (Nerd)
Likes: Jade Feldman, chemistry, Latin, baseball
Remembers: The first time I beat Marla Newman in a debate, Junior Prom with Jade
Hates: Nine-year-olds who like to torture camp counselors, cafeteria food
Quote: "Look before you leap."

Debra Lake (Sporty)
Likes: Sensitive guys, tennis, Clark's poems
Remembers: Basketball games, when Clark painted my portrait
Hates: Possessive boyfriends and jealous girlfriends
Quote: "I would do anything for you, but I won't do that."

Stacy Malcolm (Token Black Chick)
Likes: Sports, funky hats, shopping
Remembers: Running laps with Mary, stuffing our faces at Pete's, Mr. Morley and Rob
Hates: Psycho killers, stealing boyfriends
Quote: "College, here I come!"

Josh Maxwell (Horny/Probable Vampire)
Likes: Debra Lake, Debra Lake, Debra Lake
Remembers: Hanging out at the old mill, senior camp-out, Coach's pep talks
Hates: Funeral homes, driving my parents' car, tomato juice
Quote: "Sometimes you don't realize the truth until it bites you right on the neck."

Josie Maxwell (Goth/Josh's Stepsister)
Likes: Black clothes, black nail polish, black lipstick, photography
Remembers: Trisha's first senior party, the memorial wall
Hates: Algebra, evil spirits (including Marla Newman), being compared to my stepbrother Josh
Quote: "The past isn't always the past--sometimes it's the future."

Mickey Meyers (Stoner)
Likes: Jammin' with the band, partying, hot girls
Remembers: Swimming in Fear Lake, the storm, my first gig at the Underground
Hates: Dweebs, studying, girls who diet, station wagons
Quote: "Shadyside High rules!"

Marla Newman (Overachiever)
Likes: Writing, cool clothes, being a redhead
Remembers: Yearbook deadlines, competing with Kenny Klein, when Josie put a spell on me (ha ha)
Hates: Girls who wear all black, guys with long hair, the dark arts
Quote: "The power is divided when the circle is not round."

Mary O'Connor (Outcast)
Likes: Running, ripped jeans, hairspray
Remembers: Not being invited to Trisha's party, rat poison
Hates: Social studies, rich girls, cliques
Quote: "Just say no."

Dana Palmer (Boy Crazy Cheerleader)
Likes: Boys, boys, boys, cheerleading, short skirts
Remembers: Senior camp-out with Mickey, Homecoming, the back seat [EW!]
Hates: Private cheerleading performances, fire batons, sharing clothes
Quote: "The bad twin always wins!"

Dierdre Palmer (The Good Girl/Dana's Better Half)
Likes: Mysterious guys, sharing clothes, old movies
Remembers: The cabin in Fear Street woods, sleepovers at Jen's
Hates: Being a "good girl", sweat socks
Quote: "What you see isn't always what you get."

Will Reynolds (Token Black Guy)
Likes: The Turner family, playing guitar, clubbing
Remembers: The first time Clarissa saw me without my dreads, our booth at Pete's
Hates: Lite FM, the clinic [What the hell has he been up to?], lilacs
Quote: "I get knocked down, but I get up again..."

Ty Sullivan (All-American)
Likes: Cheerleaders, waitresses, Fears, psychics, brains, football
Remembers: The graveyard with you know who, Kenny Klein's lucky shot
Hates: Painting fences, Valentine's Day
Quote: "The more the merrier."

Clarissa Turner (Boring)
Likes: Art, music, talking on the phone
Remembers: Shopping with Debra, my first day back to school, eating pizza with Will
Hates: Mira Block
Quote: "Real friendship never dies."

Matty Winger (GEEK)
Likes: Computers, video games, Star Trek
Remembers: The murder game--good one, Trisha
Hates: People who can't take a joke, finding Clark's cape with Josh
Quote: "Don't worry, be happy."

Phoebe Yamura (Asian Cheerleader)
Likes: Cheerleading, gymnastics, big crowds
Remembers: That awesome game against Waynesbridge, senior trip, tailgate parties
Hates: When people don't give it their all, liars, vans
Quote: "Today is the first day of the rest of our lives."

Well, there you have it. I didn't realize there were so many slutty vampires in Shadyside...I look forward to reading these.


  1. The murder game, that special night with that special person (you know who you are...), being a "good girl"?

    This series sounds awesome!

  2. I'm looking forward to the Seniors series. Love your site - and it's definitely not "crappy"!

    1. They say that for the soul purpose of you liking it more and saying that exact thing.

  3. This sounds ridiculous and patronising. Bring it on.

  4. Chumbawumba! These quotes are worse than the ones in MY yearbook. Let me guess, these were published in the late 90s?

  5. Chad, I hope it's as awesome as it seems.

    Sarah Jade, thank you! And I'm looking forward to it, too...

    Anon, those are two words that will probably sum it up pretty well.

    BananaBomb, these were indeed published in the late 90s. *sigh* Memories.

  6. I mean, really. Some of them sound like parody. "Hates: When people don't give it their all, liars, vans"? Really? I'm glad my school didn't do yearbooks. That and I don't photograph well.

  7. We didn't have any of that type of information in the yearbooks at my school. We thought about having quotes one year, but that idea fell by the wayside.

  8. I never even heard of the Seniors series. I hope it's good!

    Your site is definitely not crappy!

  9. Absolutely, this site rocks.

  10. I remember reading the first couple of these. If I remember correctly these came out in the late 90s when I was in 5th or 6th grade, so this was about when I stopped reading Fear Street.

    I do distinctly remember the girl's quote "The power is divided when the circle is not round." and never understanding it...and I don't understand it now really. Can anyone explain it to my thick self?

  11. I assume it's a reference to some form of pagan ritual? It stands to reason that a circle which is not round fails to be a circle, and thus rituals requiring circles will not be nearly so potent. Although this explanation may be rather more prosaic than the truth, but I don't know, I've never read a Fear Street book.

  12. I used to have this ridiculous crush on Mickey Myers back in 1999. :S I still have all the books... Wow. Memories.

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  16. Omg. Thank you for posting this because it helped me find the book series that had a huge impact on me in middle school. I couldnt remember the title or author (ffs... its R.L. Stine smh how could i forget?) but I remembered the yearbook photos and a character named Deirdre.