Friday, January 9, 2009


I have a confession to make: I am becoming extremely disillusioned with this blog.

I know--it's insane! This blog was once my beloved. We walked on the beach together, hand in hand. I fed it ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries and when it puked on me, I didn't even flinch. It was like we were meant to be, dude! I thought this relationship would last forever (forever = when my Fear Street supply ran out) but then something happened. It became whiny and demanding and jealous when I looked at other blogs that were shinier and prettier than it. It called me bad names and spilled my Diet Coke and ate all my chicken wings. I knew then that the love was slipping away. I desperately want the magic back! I don't think I'll shut this thing down completely. I may not update for a while, though. Then again, don't be surprised if I update right on time. I am but a fickle wench.
While I search for love lost, have a Fear-y weekend.

**UPDATE** I wined and dined the blog and I think we're cool now. So expect a review tomorrow or the next day. Or the next day. Or maybe even *gasp* the next day. Whenever I can get away from doing chores and stuffing my face with chips and reading things OTHER than Fear Street. Yes, I truly live the glamorous life.


  1. Happy Feary Weekend! Well I hope you're able to get the love back between you and your blog. I've gone back and started reading Fear Street myself and I'm amused.

  2. I think it's a great blog, and I hope you'll keep updating.

  3. But. but.. where else will I get snark that's 200% higher quality than its subject, combined with awesome pictures of Jason Voorhees?

    On a more serious note, I can sympathize. When stuff feels like an obligation, it becomes a chore rather than a hobby. Hope springs eternal though, so I'll check back occasionally for updates ;)

  4. That's true. And it's worse when you have actual work to be doing as well. I'm doing something similar myself with a video game right now, actually, but it's worth it for the parts where things get set alight. Sadly not a frequent occurrence in Fear Street... but by no means rare.

  5. It would totally suck if you went on hiatus too. I'm always so jealous of blogs that have years and years of archives. I'll miss you if you leave. It's so much easier to read your posts instead of the actual books.

    Book: "The blood.

    The blood on his sweater.

    The sweater she'd gotten him for Christmas.

    She'd picked it out just for him.

    Just for him."

    Fear Street: "The asshole is dead."

  6. I got the same way. Too much personal drama/work drama and real life responsibilities got to me that updating was a chore. Rather than force myself to churn out less than hilarious recaps, I just sort of wait until I feel inspired... which is sporadic at best. These blogs need to be written with the proper balance of love/loathing. Too much loathe=Not a fun blog.

    I absolutely lurve your blog and will miss it and look forward to whenever the next update is. Take a sabbatical, maybe hit up Sandals resort with one of the other handsome blogs on your sidebar, we'll all anxiously await your return.

  7. Thanks, kids. This blog has life left in it yet and I've spent quite a bit of my "precious" time on it so I don't think I'll stop until I'm at the end of the Fear Street chain (which mercifully has an end).

  8. Excellent; we'd all miss the blog. However... Fear Street, an "end"? I know there was that new series a couple years back, and with Stine resurrecting Goosebumps, you don't know that Fear Street won't return...

  9. I hope you keep up the blog. I love it!

    I've been slacking with mine lately, though. As much as I love it, I haven't been too motivated lately. That needs to change soon!

  10. Soooooo glad you wined and dined!! Love your blog.

  11. I feel you on the update thingy. At least your blog has a valid point, unlike mine where all I do is talk about me and Fatty. Oh, and give weather updates in Minneapolis.

    I like your blog! I never read most of these books. But, I guess according to my sister, who inherited my books as I outgrew them; I did read the Fear Street Saga books. How come she remembers this crap and I don’t? I guess I read the shit out of them, but I only vaguely remember them, something about a chick killing her sister and some guy hanging himself? I guess I will see when you get to those!

    I wish you still had the SBTB blog ;)

  12. Zanne & Sarah Jade, thank you very much for making my frozen heart thaw a little more.

    BadKat, I wish I could blog about Saved By The Bell, but there's only so much one person can take. I mean, Fear Street kills my soul a little each day! Imagine what a Shadyside/Bayside combination would do to me. *shiver*

  13. Hey, I'm up for Sandals. Or anywhere that's above freezing.

  14. This blog is bloody hilarious! One of my mates sent it to me and we haven't stopped laughing! Keep it up, please!