Thursday, August 27, 2009


I need a little help! Trust me, I don't wanna bother you with mundane questions about the inner workings of Blogger, but the only other person around was Stine and he's busy go-go dancing at the Kit Kat Club to supplement his waning income. Ahem, anyway, my question: how do I insert photos in my posts when I cannot drag the image to the position I want? I used to just drag and drop, but that doesn't seem to work. Maybe it's just the computer I'm using? I dunno. Any ideas would be appreciated...and if you want a photo in my next post of Faye Dunaway acting like a damn psychopath as Mommie Dearest, you'll help me! (Yeah, yeah, you could just Google it. But where's the fun in that?)


  1. Have you tried just copying and pasting it into the document? That's how I usually do it...unless the problem is not putting it in the document but positioning it, in which case I don't think I know the answer.

  2. Is your problem that once you add the photos, they're automatically put at the top? Or is it that you're having trouble uploading the photos to begin with?

    If it's the former, I just cut and paste them to the desired position, making sure I upload them in the right alignment. As in, once they're all uploaded at the top of the text box, I select the entire picture, then cut and paste.

    If it's the latter, I can post instructions for that, as well.