Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun With Google - Part XXXXIV (Or Something)

Gather round, children, and let me show you the filthy/funny/stupid ways people find their way to this blog. AGAIN.

* "2 11 year olds kissing" and "9 year olds kissing" and "hot 9 year old boys" This is not the first time that someone has searched for this filth and found their way here. For the billionth time, I do not condone pedophilia, perverts!

* "apache chief viagra" It's the fucking APACHE CHIEF! What the hell would he need with Viagra? Don't answer that.

* "besides, i'm just getting used to the chair...i'm going to sit in it again...! we're going to keep them here all fucking night! mwahahaha! oh you" *sigh* Get away from me.

* "big boner" and "big throbbing boners" How does this have ANYTHING to do with this site?!

* "big ugly boy" Poor thing.

* "boy gets killed by babysitter while playing hide and go sike" SIKE!

* "can you have a fear of babysitting" Yes, yes, a million times YES.

* "cat dies mysteriously moaning and groaning" and "cat fucker" and "cat killer" and "cute cats with dirty faces" and "cute cat crying" and many many more. Note: for the love of all things holy, leave the cats alone. End note.

* "evil hamburglar" and "evil santa claus" Always a good thing.

* "grimace behind" and "grimace gone" and "grimace steps on a dog" and "grimmace asshole" and "hamburglar grimace kiss" Ok, this shit is funny...

* "i call your boyfriend gay he throw his lipstick at me" Don't mess with a drag queen's lipstick.

* "i was hanging at julie's house in the 80s" Awesome.

* "is fear street true" If it is, I'm blowing up the planet.

* "jason voorhees pretty face" You're blind.

* "kisses on r.l. stine skull" Watch the mole.

* "mrs. alfred newman beadle daughter" RIP?

* "you ugly" Thank you. *cough*bastard*cough*

That's all I can stomach. I just...I just don't understand what the world is coming to. In other news, I'll have a real update soon. Probably. I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure.


  1. How the Hell does this blog even turn up on all these pervert searches? I guess I can understand it for the R.L. skull-kisses one...

  2. I'm still not over all the weird JonBenet Ramsey search terms for my blog.

    The Internet is for sickos! :D

  3. Things I never knew I wanted to see until now: a Hamburglar/Grimace make-out session. Thanks, Googlers!

  4. Grimace asshole? Were they looking 4 grimace being an asshole or his actual asshole? Ummmmm eeewwww?

    I call your boyfriend gay and he throws his lipstick at me........funny as all hell!

    Throbbing boners? And people thought they'd see that here? The only thing throbbing should be your brain (or whatever throbs up there) for reading these books!

    Sadako are people STIILL worried about Jon Benet? She died light years ago! Let her 'Lovely Bones' rest! And I'm shocked there wasn't a movie about her.......not even on Lifetime! But anyways your next update will probably be as good as all the other ones.......yeah I'm sure of it.

  5. Oh I see the 'or whatever throbs up there' comment could potentially be seen as an insult which was not wat I was shooting 4. So just bein safe......I don't want no problems lol

  6. Some of the search terms people type in are worrisome. I have the same issue on my blog. Although, the Grimace thing is funny as he'll!

  7. I love The Smiths. 'To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die'

    I'm sorry for being weird and posting this. But I was dared.