Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun With Google - Part XXXXIV (Or Something)

Gather round, children, and let me show you the filthy/funny/stupid ways people find their way to this blog. AGAIN.

* "2 11 year olds kissing" and "9 year olds kissing" and "hot 9 year old boys" This is not the first time that someone has searched for this filth and found their way here. For the billionth time, I do not condone pedophilia, perverts!

* "apache chief viagra" It's the fucking APACHE CHIEF! What the hell would he need with Viagra? Don't answer that.

* "besides, i'm just getting used to the chair...i'm going to sit in it again...! we're going to keep them here all fucking night! mwahahaha! oh you" *sigh* Get away from me.

* "big boner" and "big throbbing boners" How does this have ANYTHING to do with this site?!

* "big ugly boy" Poor thing.

* "boy gets killed by babysitter while playing hide and go sike" SIKE!

* "can you have a fear of babysitting" Yes, yes, a million times YES.

* "cat dies mysteriously moaning and groaning" and "cat fucker" and "cat killer" and "cute cats with dirty faces" and "cute cat crying" and many many more. Note: for the love of all things holy, leave the cats alone. End note.

* "evil hamburglar" and "evil santa claus" Always a good thing.

* "grimace behind" and "grimace gone" and "grimace steps on a dog" and "grimmace asshole" and "hamburglar grimace kiss" Ok, this shit is funny...

* "i call your boyfriend gay he throw his lipstick at me" Don't mess with a drag queen's lipstick.

* "i was hanging at julie's house in the 80s" Awesome.

* "is fear street true" If it is, I'm blowing up the planet.

* "jason voorhees pretty face" You're blind.

* "kisses on r.l. stine skull" Watch the mole.

* "mrs. alfred newman beadle daughter" RIP?

* "you ugly" Thank you. *cough*bastard*cough*

That's all I can stomach. I just...I just don't understand what the world is coming to. In other news, I'll have a real update soon. Probably. I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure.