Friday, April 2, 2010

Roadkill Takes The Crown

According to the poll in the sidebar, people prefer a dead raccoon to be their Queen to any of the other fools in "The Prom Queen". I admire your good taste, friends.

*Insert pic of deadened raccoon adorned with a plastic princess crown from the Dollar Store*


  1. I totally voted for the raccoon!

  2. i for one would like to see that image.

  3. HelenB, that is scary, and don't go giving Lady Gaga any ideas!

  4. Team Raccoon!
    I think it would represent Shadyside best because it's dead and that's how all the residents end up. Also, it's the most charismatic candidate.

  5. Go team raccoon!!! Don't raccoons count as rodents? Because humans are 80% genetically similar to rodents. And 60 % similar to banana trees. Now I have to refer to my adorable hamster as Cousin Sootie.

  6. No, raccoons aren't rodents. They actually belong to the same order as cats and dogs; their closest well-known relatives are skunks and weasels. (They actually have a few closer relatives, but they're not as well known, like coatis, cacomistles, and kinkajous.)

    Not all small mammals are rodents. A lot of people think bats and rabbits are rodents, for example, but they're not rodents either.

    Hamsters, though, are definitely rodents, yes.