Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been a bad blogger, wasting my time on things such as...


and occasionally

...instead of reading Fear Street. Because sleeping and trying to make myself resemble the love child of Alfred E. Newman and Mrs. Garrison is more important than a teenage boy's dry crusty lips or who Gary Brandt is currently sleeping with. Anyway, next week, I WILL post "Halloween Night" so I can get back into the Seniors. Only 6 more books until graduation! If any of them make it out of that hellhole alive...

**EXTRA**: Some amusing searches that have brought lost souls to this page:

--> "r.l. stine eating with his family"
--> "was my face red"
--> "fear street cliches"
--> "how to get on prom court"
--> "babysitters for crap idiots
--> "punching her in the gut"
--> "a picture of a puppy lurking in the grass"
--> "attic squatter"
--> "cat has bleeding forehead"
--> "cat in gym"