Friday, January 14, 2011

Ghosts of Fear Street

Since I am a lazy glob of laziness, I haven't found it in me to read any Fear Street books lately (lounging in front of the TV in my smelly old robe and destroying my bladder with copious amounts of coffee if more important, no?). Or maybe it isn't laziness...maybe I'm just sick of dry crusty lips, homicidal teenagers, and enough pizza and Coke to kill a thousand horses. Wait. What the hell am I saying?!?

Anyway, the point I am slowly trying to make is that I think I will introduce the Ghosts of Fear Street to this here blog. The Ghosts of Fear Street series, for those who are in the dark (how I envy you), are quite like Goosebumps except a) they all take place in Shadyside and b) the ghostwriters are actually given credit...even though R.L. Stine's name is splashed across the front. These are short and they're fun and they're entertaining and they will provide more mindless material for this often neglected blog. Oh yeah--AND they take place on Fear Street (kind of obvious). God forbid we stray too far from THAT slice of paradise. *sarcasm* Of course I won't be abandoning the regular Fear Street books. In fact, "99 Fear Street: The Second Horror" is right around the corner. Probably. I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

I hope this new addition pleases you. If not, go jump in Fear Lake.

I love you.