Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lover Boy

I don't remember what site I was trolling (pun not'll see what I mean) when I came upon the following image, but I find this thing to be quite horrifying...

What the hell is going on here?! We've got a damn winged leprechaun/troll/devil imp hybrid playing his flute while dancing for his supper and a very stern shadow who is either frowning her displeasure or wondering who the hell slipped the mickey into her nightly dose of gin and cooking sherry. And why are they in a cave? I've never heard of this author ("A writer so popular that the library has to keep her books under lock and key." What library?) but I imagine she must have been pissed upon seeing this cover. Because it really has nothing to do with the story:

Laurie has finally returned to Idlewood, the beloved family home deep in the Maryland woods where she found comfort and peace as a lonely young girl. But things are very different now. There is no peace in Idlewood. The haunting sound of a distant piping breaks the stillness of a snowy winter's evening. Seemingly random events have begun to take on a sinister shape. And dotty old Great Aunt Lizzie is convinced that there are fairies about -- and she has photographs to prove it. For Laurie, one fact is becoming disturbingly clear: there is definitely something out there in the woods -- something fiendishly, cunningly, malevolently human -- and the lives of her aging loved ones, as well as Laurie's own, are suddenly at serious risk.

That fucking thing is NOT a fairy.

I need to read this ASAP...