Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Is Here...

The new year is only an hour old and I'm already sick of it. But I hope YOU are having a happy one! Since it's been predicted that we'll all be dead at the end of this year, there's no reason to make any other resolution than to get through as many Fear Street novels as possible. I'd like to finish the series before I'm reduced to worm food. So expect to be seeing more "reviews" around here. I'm pushing myself to stick to that! In the name of R.L. Stine, I WILL WRITE.


  1. Happy new year! It's not the worst. Waiting on lots more Shadyside from you this year, before we fall prey to Mayan prophecies.

  2. Happy New Year lovely faceless blogger! Don't stress yourself out too much!

  3. new reader here! and first of all...WHERE have you been all my life?? i came across your blog while doing a google search for "Deena Martinson" (you don't want to know why. it's not a very interesting story, and it'll just make me sound lame.) and i haven't been able to tear myself away from it since! Fear Street has literally been invading my dreams this past week. its creepy. and a little neat.

    i started out reading Goosebumps in elementary school and graduated to Fear Street right before starting junior high, and your blog has jogged my memory on all of these horribly terrific stories! i was (and still am) a total book nerd and the only thing stopping me from downloading all of these horribly awesome Fear Street books on my kindle so i can be all nostalgic and shit is the fact that the e-version is $5.99 and i'm pretty sure that's the max price my mom paid for the paperback versions back in 1996. maybe i'll venture out into my parent's old storage building and see if i can find the box that all my books are packed away in. hopefully the fear rats haven't got to them...

    did i mention that i was so obsessed with this stuff that when i was 13 my best friend and i co-wrote our own "horror" story? all of our real life friends were characters in the book. and we killed them off one by one. the most notably deaths i can remember were an ice skate to the forehead and an icicle to the temple. must've been winter.

    ok. now that i've sufficiently creeped you out and overshared way too much about myself, i'll just leave you with the fact that i think you're AWESOME (and i only wish i had thought of doing this before you!) and i'll be back frequently to relive those terrifying Shadyside moments. :)


  4. Sounds like a fantastic story, K. And more reviews this year? Ace!