Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Cheerleaders Are Coming For You...

...and they'd already be here if this book I'm reading about them wasn't so damn boring. "Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!" has got to be the worst of the Cheerleader books and that's saying something. Without Kimmy's crimped black hair, this series is nothing. NOTHING, I tell you! Well, while I'm weeping over my Kimmy shrine (dirty tennis shoes topped with old black Barbie hair) I will also be writing. Almost there. Allllllllmoooossssstt.


  1. awww. it's okay.
    Soon I'll post another section of my review of that POS called "Tattoo". I really don't know what I saw in that book when I was 11.

  2. But Natalie is basically Kimmy 2.0 only hotter.

  3. Shut up! u don't like that book? it's one of the best books ever. P.S my address is 99 fear street, trust me u don't want to mess with my house! Trust me, don't get me started about sarah fiers grave!