Saturday, May 26, 2012


1.) Message to Josh Voyles who was kind enough to send me a copy of his book Sliver a few months back in exchange for a review on this here blog: sir, I will review that baby soon. I did not forget it and I did not screw you out of a book.

2.) As you all know, I put up a poll (which is still dangling there in the sidebar) asking if you would be interested in guest posts from readers. The gist of it is this: if you have anything at all to say about Fear Street, I want to hear it. I would be especially interested in funny if the Fear Street series inspired you to write your own versions (bonus points for excerpts) or if you performed certain scenes from certain books with your friends *cough* But it doesn't necessarily have to be side-splitting hilarity. it can be literally ANYTHING. I'd like to start this immediately so send along your Fear thoughts to The plan is to use one of your posts every Friday. I'd maybe call this feature The Friday Fear or The Dry Lip Vault. If you've got something better than that (and I know you do. Seriously. I suck.) PLEASE leave it in the comments.

 You are hypnotizing, mi amor.


  1. Hmm, now did I put those Horror High books in my loft...? Stine's contributions weren't originally Fear Street, but they were the same sort of thing.

  2. Fear street gave me abortion. and scat. and HIV.


  3. I am going to draw you a fear street comic.

    Eeeeventually. I need to finish finals first. ;)

  4. Anon #1, I agree with you there. The only difference was that Fear Street books took place in Shadyside.

    Anon #2, it gave you scat? Scat as in poop? If Fear Street was a giver of scat...never mind.

    Jess, I can't wait to see it!!

  5. Do you know you have a ton of spam posts here? Anyway, can't wait for more reviews! Thinking of doing some Christopher Pike?