Monday, March 25, 2013

Sometimes They Come Back...

Dude! Point Horror has returned from the grave! As further proof that I am a nerdy loser, I nearly wet myself when I realized there would be new Point Horror releases in the coming months. In case you have forgotten the majesty that is Point Horror, here are a few of their elderly gems:

Such delicious cheese. And here are a few of the new releases:

Classy new design, but they still kept the cheesy tag lines, only updated for this newfangled Internet generation. My favorite has got to be "Lacey has changed her status to deceased."

Seriously, I love Point Horror. After I FINALLY post Trapped, I think I need to do some Point Horror reviews (the old books, of course) in honor of Point Horror's resurrection.


P.S. I just bought a copy of R.L. Stine's newest novel Red Rain. I cannot wait to read and review this one. Should be...interesting.


  1. Please, please recap some Point Horror, that would be awesome!! I was completely obsessed with these books in the early 90s. I am pretty sure 'Funhouse' was the first one I owned.

  2. Awesome Post and News! Oh if I were, I would never use wikipedia for the whole list of point horror because it's missing some like:

    Be mine Jane Mcfann
    Blindfold Diane Hoh
    Pool Party Linda Cargill
    Christmas Killer Patricia Windsor

  3. Oh sorry one more
    Secret Santa D E AThkins

  4. Yes! I love Point Horror! "The Prom Dress" looks really interesting if you have that one. The new ones are probably just as cheesy, but with a modern twist. Oh, and I read reviews of "Red Rain" that were not very good: Apparently the ending is beyond stupid. Have fun reading, and post a recap if you can!

  5. Why are these examples of the new ones all about the internet?

  6. hell yeah, point horror rules!!
    i'm from germany, and some of the PH-books were translated back in thee ole days - oh, and the horror, indeed.
    the german translations, the german tag lines, the german COVERS - all cranked up a nodge on the cheese-level ('get ur cheese on') - made it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a GUY to buy these books.
    (yes, sire, i'm a MALE! MAN! DUDE! BRO!) and, yes, i'm straight, and no, i'm not obese, and, OH YES, i know, PH and fear street are 'girly stuff', but, you know what? no one cares.
    - eh, i really don't care... i'd never regret those evenings spent in nightmare hall, at the beach house or where ever the tacky paths of young adultery may have led me.
    but, honestly - my days of yore would have been much easier, if we had those kick ass original artworks like you americans (or, english speaking fellows) did.
    cheers from the dark side of youth,
    a regular to your blog.

  7. Yes! The world needs more cheesy horror! I can't wait! As I stare at my pile of old school cheese and wonder when I'm going to read them all.

  8. Something I've been wondering for sometime now - do the Point Horror books are take place in the same basic universe, or are they just a bunch of (mostly) unrelated books that are published under the same imprint?

  9. This is great, I love Point Horror, thanks for sharing.
    Glyn Willmoth

  10. Looking forward to reading the new ones!

  11. The Prom Dress looks amazing..please make it the first one that you recap and the Year Book...
    I dint have any idea about the point horror series...I am going to see where I can get them...till then I will read your reviews...
    Thanks a Lot1!!!

  12. The Prom Dress looks amazing, please review it.

  13. New ones??? Oh, I dunno if it's going to be the same... But it is totally worth checking out :)

  14. I'm 24:And I've Actually Never Heard Of Point Horror Until Earlier This Year. I Wonder How I Could Revere Fear Street But Completely Miss Out On The Point Horror Series!! I Can't Even Find Any Epubs s For Them :(

  15. Fantastic news that PH is coming back. It was a big part of my adolescence, too.

    And to answer the question above, no, there's no shared universe in Point Horror. I think some of Stine's Fear Streets may even have been printed as Point Horrors at one point, for example.

  16. I've read the new Point Horror "Identity Theft," by the way. It's nothing special, but it does what it does competently.