Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?

I can see it in your eyes...

Ahem. ANYWAY. I'm back! Yeah, you look real excited. And you should be because after almost an entire year of doing diddly squat here, I'm going to make an actual effort to update this month. Because this is October! It's the month of Halloween and Stine's birthday and such and such. I'd like to do at least some miniature reviews. The books I plan on reading/reviewing: The Haunted Mask, The Haunted Mask II, Wanted: The Haunted Mask, Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns, Zombie Halloween (Goosebumps Most Wanted Special Edition #1), and Trick or Treat (a Point Horror novel from 1989 by Richie Tankersley Cusick). There could be more. I know there's a Halloween Night II by Stine that I never got around to reviewing. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a copy, but if I get my greedy, greasy paws on one, I'll definitely be throwing that into the mix as well.  I'm also going to update the design around here...something pumpkin-y.

So...yeah. Stick around. If you want. I'll try not to lie to you anymore by promising reviews and then disappearing for a few light years. I SAID I'LL TRY!

Also: if you're interested in f*&!ing awesome giveaways--the Goosebumps Tumblr is having a prize pack giveaway every single day this month. The list of things you could win is pretty cool...if you love Goosebumps which I assume you do if you're here. If you don't...well, I can't help you, buddy, you're too far gone.

I'll see you ghouls soon...