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Cheerleaders: The Second Evil

* Check out Cheerleaders: The First Evil if you haven't already. And if you haven't, why not?! Evil cheerleaders = awesome. *

Book Description:

Corky Corcoran is sure it's just her imagination when she sees her dead sister rise from the grave. Or is it? Corky is trying to put the nightmare of Bobbi's death behind her--she's back on the Shadyside cheerleading squad and has become friends with Kimmy and Debra. But everything is not back to normal for Corky--she hears horrible screams in the gym, her friend has become obsessed by the occult, and a strange young man is following her. And then the murders begin again... Has the evil spirit from the Fear Street cemetery returned to destroy them one by one?

My Description:

I have a problem with the phrase 'obsessed by the occult'. It kinda doesn't make sense. Do they mean obsessed WITH the occult? Or POSSESSED by the occult? Oh well. Just me being nitpicky...

Part One - Where Is the Evil?

Kimmy, Debra, and Ronnie (a.k.a Veronica) are packed in Kimmy's car driving along Old Mill Road. They chat about boys and cheerleading and the conversation eventually turns to Corky and Bobbi. The girls carry on about how pretty and talented Bobbi was and that's nice and everything, but considering how they used to feel about her, it just seems a little contrived. Anyway, the conversation then touches on the subject of Corky and how mopey and sad she seems to be all the time. If I found the withered, scalded body of my dead sister and battled a freaky ghost chick, I think I would be pretty fucked up for the rest of my life, too. Debra brings up Gary Brandt and Suki Thomas, Shadyside's resident sluts: "Too bad you're not in sixth period study hall. In the library. You should have seen Suki Thomas with Gary Brandt. Well, Suki was giving Gary a sex ed. class. They didn't even bother to go back to the stacks." *sigh* Why couldn't they desecrate the janitor's closet? Leave the library out of this! Suki and Gary weren't having sex anyway. They were just making out, Debra, so shut up. I'm beginning to remember how much I hate Kimmy and Debra. As Kimmy drives past the cemetery, Debra says that the spirit that killed Bobbi is still around and it's only a matter of time before it strikes again. That Debra is full of sunshine and roses. Kimmy tells Debra that she needs to get her head out of the occult books and back into reality. So now we know who becomes "obsessed by the occult". The girls argue for a moment about the occult and the evil spirit, but quickly shut up when they spot Corky standing at her sister's grave.

Corky is chatting with Bobbi's grave: "I shouldn't come here all the time. I know I shouldn't. Sometimes I feel as if I'm being pulled here. Almost against my will. If only I could sleep. If only I could fall asleep and not dream. I have such frightening dreams, Bobbi. Such vivid, frightening dreams. Nightmares. Of that awful night in the cemetery. The night I fought the evil spirit. I feel as if I'm still fighting the evil, Bobbi. I'm still fighting it even though I sent it down to its grave. Bobbi, can you hear me?" Poor Corky. Corky asks again if Bobbi can hear her and suddenly, as if in response, the ground starts rumbling. The ground splits open and a skeletal hand pokes out of the earth and I'm pretty sure the next page will reveal that this entire sequence is nothing but one of Corky's fever dreams. A gross, rotting Bobbi climbs out of the crack in the ground. A fat worm crawls out of her mouth and slides its fat, bloated body past her black lips. Corky hides her eyes and when she takes her hands away, SkeleBobbi has vanished. And, dammit, it WAS a dream. Corky had fallen asleep against her sister's gravestone. I hate how the most awesome scenes in these books turn out to be DREAMS! Always! Corky stands and announces to Bobbi and all the other deaders that she isn't going to visit for a while. As she walks away, she sees something move out of the corner of her eye. She just assumes it's a squirrel or something, but when she sees a person's shadow, she realizes she's being watched. Oooooooo. She starts running, but the creepy freak starts running after her. Unfortunately, Corky runs a few steps further before tripping over a low gravestone and falling into a pile of wet leaves. Damn. Wet leaves suck almost as much as psychotic stalkers.

Fortunately for Corky, Kimmy and the gals come running before that cuckoo crazy nutter butter can grab Corky and slit her throat or dash her brains out on a gravestone (the irony!) or something equally horrible. Corky breathlessly explains the situation, but when the girls look around, no-one is there. I'm sure no-one saw that coming from a thousand miles away. The girls hustle Corky into the car because they don't wanna waste anymore time freezing their perfect asses off in a cemetery. They escort Corky into her house and her little brother, Sean, jumps out in a feeble effort to scare them. CHILLS! THRILLS! THE ABSOLUTE HORROR OF IT ALL! Sean asks the girls if they wanna play Mega Man with him on his Nintendo. Nostalgia, baby! I used to have a Nintendo and me and my brother wasted away playing Super Mario Brothers (I always had to be stupid Luigi) and Wrestle Mania and other crap that I can't remember. Anyway! Corky goes into the kitchen to make hot cocoa and makes Sean go to his room. The girls gather in the living room and when Corky takes a seat, a fart noise explodes from beneath her. No, it isn't courtesy of that burrito she had at lunch earlier. It's Sean's whoopee cushion. The girls laugh, but then get down to business--they want Corky back on the squad. Then, in a conversation loaded with exposition, the girls rehash everything that happened in the first book. I hate info dumps! We don't need to be told everything that happened earlier; we have enough sense to read the first book before the second so give us some credit, Stine! The girls share a touching Hallmark moment which Corky interrupts by pointing at the window and freaking out: "It's him! He-he's there!" She is, of course, referring to that hooded Joe Schmoe that chased her earlier. And just like before, the other girls look and see absolutely nothing. One of these idiots actually points out two cats in the driveway and asks Corky if that's what she saw. How the hell could anyone besides a brain dead moron mistake a couple of cats for some guy in a hood? Unless the cats are freaky shapeshifters who stalk and kill for shits and giggles. Anyway, the girls get up to leave after Corky tells them she'll seriously consider their generous offer. Debra hangs back because she wants to talk to Corky in private. Oh dear sweet mama. I don't know about you, but I don't wanna hear some cheerleader's deluded ramblings about the occult and such. Which is exactly what I'm about to get. *sigh*

As soon as Kimmy and Ronnie leave, Debra cuts right to the chase: "The evil is still here." Thanks, Miss Mary Sunshine. I'll make a note of that. No, I won't even have to note it because you'll probably tell us about 5,749,303 more times before this book is over. Corky protests that she saw the evil go back into the ground, but Debra says it isn't dead. Corky says that she just wants to forget about all that, but Debra explains that she can't forget until the evil is gone, baby, gone. Suddenly Corky hears the kettle whistle and she goes into the kitchen to make the hot cocoa (I thought she made that 20 minutes ago?) As she's standing at the sink, she looks out the window and thinks she sees something moving. Great. But then she decides it's just her imagination. Make up your mind! If you're gonna act like a mental patient, you need to commit, woman! As Corky is emptying the kettle, her limbs go wild. The hand holding the kettle pours scalding water all over the other hand. Awesome. Corky screams for help as the water burns her flesh and Stine decides that's the perfect time to end the chapter. Curse you, Stine. CURSE!

The next day (or something) the almighty Chip what's-his-face (the one who dated Bobbi before she bit the dust) shows up at the Corcoran home to check up on Corky. Word travels fast. Sean tells him that Kimmy and Corky are upstairs and Chip stalls for time because he really doesn't wanna see Kimmy. He dated Kimmy for a while, but broke up with her to date Bobbi so now Kimmy gets total bitchface whenever Chip is around. May I remind you that I hate Kimmy? Not that Chip is a prize or anything. Chip finally goes upstairs and thankfully Kimmy is just getting ready to leave. Chip kisses Corky on the cheek and Kimmy nastily says "Don't mind me. I'm just leaving." Oh but I DO mind you, you dirty little troll. Take your crimped hair and that bitchy attitude and hit the motherf^&*ing road! Ok, I'm cool now. I almost pee my pants laughing as Chip says hello, but doesn't even turn to look at Kimmy and Corky practically shoves her out the door. The two would've started making out, but Sean comes in and asks them what they're doing. Tee hee. You don't wanna know, dear. Sean says "You were wrestling." I'M LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!! Yes, I'm so mature. But come on--that's funny! You've briefly redeemed yourself, Stine. Chip and Corky laugh and Sean goes away (damn). Corky brings up the burnt hand and explains about Debra believing that the evil still lives. IT LIVES! *sigh* Chip is a non-believer and says that people burn themselves all the time. But Corky protests that she felt the evil, dammit, so don't try to contradict her! Then Corky says that she spoke to a psychiatrist at the hospital because she was under suspicion of burning herself on purpose. Yeah, doctors don't really tend to buy the evil kettle excuse. Believe me, I've tried. This incredibly boring conversation (I'm distracted by King of the Hill and the tick-tock of my Powerpuff Girls clock. Yes, I said POWERPUFF GIRLS. And I'm not even that ashamed. Shut up.) turns to the cheerleading squad and how Corky has decided to rejoin. She has two reasons why: 1) cheerleading will provide a much needed distraction from constant thoughts of Bobbi and 2) she's just gotta find out where that damned pesky evil is hiding. I am over this evil shit already and I'm only on page 39! Chip just stares at her blankly because his five brain cells are still trying to wrap themselves around everything else they've discussed. Corky asks if he would accompany her to the cemetery this evening so she can tell Bobbi about her decision to rejoin the squad. Wow. Chip says that's a bad idea because she needs to move on, but he changes his mind after Corky sticks her tongue in his mouth. Ew.

That night, they make their way to the cemetery. Why does she always go at night? Oh well. Corky stands at Bobbi's grave, but gets interrupted by a scary sight: a woman is floating out of Sarah Fear's grave. Those crazy Fears are at it again. Oh wait. No they're not. It's just some wacky chick who is doing grave rubbings in the middle of the fucking night. She says she's a graduate student doing research on Shadyside history and her name is Sarah Beth Plummer. Ok, never mind--the Fears ARE at it again. You KNOW this girl is gonna turn out to be Sarah Fear! Corky asks the girl about Sarah Fear and the girl says they can go to a coffee shop and talk alllll about it. At the shop, Corky asks her why she was doing rubbings at night and Sarah says that her project thingy is due the next day and she procrastinated until tonight. I'm the biggest procrastinator on the planet, but if I knew I had to do something that involved wandering around in a graveyard, I would make damn sure that I got it done during daylight hours. Corky is as suspicious as I am of Sarah, but she really wants to hear the story of Sarah Fear. The condensed version: Sarah married Simon Fear's grandson and they moved into the big Fear mansion. Her husband died of pneumonia two years after they were married and she inherited all his wealth. Her brothers and several cousins came to live with her for some convoluted reason. In 1899, Sarah and her brothers and cousins went out on Fear Lake for some sailing. The water was calm, but out of nowhere, the boat flipped over and everyone on board drowned. Ok then. Corky believes it was the evil spirit that caused the accident. Cut me some slack, lady. Sarah just laughs and says she finds it all kind of funny. Corky decides this is her cue to leave and drags Chip with her. Corky looks back at Sarah and sees that the little psycho is sitting there with a weird smile on her face and an eeeeevilllll gleam in her beady eyes. Of course.

After school on Monday, Corky makes her way to cheerleading practice to inform the evil harpies that she's returning. The girls are in the middle of a cheer that I'm sure you're dying to know, but I don't have the stomach to type it here. It's like an amalgamation (that's a million dollar word. Let's hope I used it correctly.) of all the cheers in the first book. Yeah. Barf. I wonder if Stine was a male cheerleader? Oh dear sweet mother Mary, I just vomited in my mouth. Let's move on. The cheer is over and Kimmy comes running up to Corky which gets the attention of everyone else on the squad including Miss Green. Yep, all the usual suspects are here. I just remembered who Miss Green reminds me of: Miss Man from Scary Movie. *shiver* That's scarier than anything Stine could ever conjure up. Everyone is predictably excited to see Corky...except for Debra, but who cares about her? She has the occult to keep her warm. Debra has to ruin the moment by coming up to Corky and saying that she can feel the evil spirit. It could be gas, Debra. Or maybe cramps. Those definitely feel evil. Corky says they can talk later and practice starts up again. Corky is nervous and can't stop thinking about which of the girls the spirit is hiding in. I think it would be a nice little twist if the evil turned out to be in DEBRA. In the middle of the cheer, Corky hears the piercing screams of a girl and when she tells everyone to get help, they all look at her like she's nuts. It was all in her head. Corky calms down and the girls start the cheer again. But the same thing happens so Kimmy helps Corky sit down. Corky says she'll sit out for a while and when Kimmy runs off, Corky spots Debra staring with a little smile on her face. Come on! The girls start their cheer again as the screams continue to stab at Corky's brain. She runs out of the gym screaming herself and runs into the arms of the freaky stalker! AHHH! She pulls away from him and he chases her. She dives into the science lab and hides, praying that he won't come inside and find her. She hears him walk off and she steps outside the room. Of course the creep grabs her and says "We have to talk. Don't you know who I am? I'm the evil spirit." Whatever, man. He's just joking around (or something--no-one is exactly laughing) and introduces himself as Jon Daly, Jennifer's brother. He says he's been following Corky because he doesn't believe in all that evil spirit mumbo jumbo. That really doesn't explain why you've been stalking this girl, weirdo. Corky says that she believes in the spirit because she was there the night she had to fight Jennifer (um, duh? Of course you were there, stupid. Don't be redundant.) Jon says "Sure, YOU want to believe it. You want to believe you killed an evil spirit because you don't want to admit that you killed Jennifer!"

Say what?!? Corky gets really shook up, but that doesn't shut Jon up for a second: "You killed her. You killed my sister. Then you made up that ridiculous story. My sister wasn't evil and she didn't deserve to die. YOU are evil and I'm going to prove it." I can see how Jon would think this. He's obviously not familiar with the absolutely fucked up ways of Shadyside. Corky feebly babbles something about the spirit and Jon ever-so-politely informs her that he's going to be her evil spirit. That means he'll be following her everywhere until he has enough proof to convict her! GASP! Chip comes down the hall then and Jon runs off. She explains that Jon is Jennifer's brother and Chip says that Jon is the one who went "ballistic" at Jen's funeral. "Remember--they practically had to hold him down?" No, I don't remember. But thanks anyway. Chip is such an asshole about this entire thing. When Corky tells him that Jon threatened to follow her everyday, Chip just says "Lots of luck." Ass! Chip is a wimpy, limp-wristed jellyfish so he's probably scared of Jon.

That night, as Corky is playing Nintendo with Sean, Kimmy calls. Kimmy, the insensitive bitch, wants Corky to come to practice tomorrow afternoon. Which leads Corky to blurt out "It's the evil, Kimmy. The evil spirit. It's back. It didn't disappear that night." Evilevilevilevil! When will it end??! Obviously not here; if it did, I wouldn't have two more books to read after this one. Dammit. Kimmy really doesn't believe this and asks Corky if she wants to come over so they can talk more. Corky says she'll be over when her parents get home (she has to watch Sean until then). A little while later, Corky gets in her car and finds herself on Fear Street. She spots a strange sight: Jon Daly and Sarah Beth are in the cemetery standing at Sarah Fear's grave. Sarah starts doing some freaky, twirly dance which freaks Corky out and she burns rubber right the hell out of there.

Part Two: Here Is The Evil!

Finally! Took you long enough. It's now the end of the next day and Corky has to stay late to take a biology exam. The teacher is leaving and says she'll have to do it "on the honor system". Yeah right. The adults in this town are really stupid. As soon as teacher leaves, weird things begin to happen. The door slams shut on its own and all the blinds close by themselves. Then the lights flicker off. HAVE MERCY! The lids of jars holding insects and other nasty things pop off and smash into the ceiling. Then the contents of the jars (dead flies, caterpillars, frogs) rise out of the jars. The frogs start croaking their way to Corky. I know this is supposed to be all ominous and junk, but I can't help but laugh. I mean, this spirit is supposed to be EVIL! Letting frogs out of their jars and closing the blinds seem to be kind acts, you stupid spirit. Corky tries to flee, but the door won't open. A model skeleton shoots its hand at her and begins choking her. You've got to be kidding me. She manages to pry the bony hand from her throat and runs out of the room to find Chip (he's making up an exam in woodshop). Oh my my my. She finds a very nasty little surprise waiting for her in the shop. Chip is dead. A saw cut his hand off. Ok, that wouldn't kill anyone. Hell yeah, it would hurt, but wouldn't he have the good sense to get the hell out of there and find help??? Ok, don't question it. The point is, Chip is gone and Corky is very upset.

After the funeral, Debra accosts Corky, saying they really have to talk. They go to a diner; Debra has a bacon cheeseburger and fries (yum) and Corky gets vegetable soup. Eventually Debra gets around to the subject of evil. "You and I both know the evil spirit killed Chip. He didn't accidentally cut off his hand and stand there bleeding to death without calling for help or anything." Exactly. Where was his teacher when this happened? These teachers suck! Then Corky tells Debra what happened in the science lab and also about Sarah Beth and Jon Daly in the cemetery. Debra says she knows what they have to do. Oh joy.

The next chapter begins with the stupidest cheer ever:

We've got razzmatazz!
Pep, punch, and pizzazz!
Hey, you--you've been had.
Shadyside Tigers got razzmatazz!

I feel nauseated. Just what the fuck is RAZZMATAZZ?!? Oh well. The cheer mercifully ends and Corky exclaims "Wow! That was awesome!" Define 'awesome'. It's four weeks after Chip's funeral and things are going well for Corky. We all know that won't last long. They start the same stupid cheer over again and I contemplate shoving a screwdriver into my brain. Then they move into place to make the diamondback pyramid. Corky is nervous because she has to be the one at the very top and she's afraid she'll get dizzy or hear the screaming again. But everything goes perfectly. This was all pretty boring without the evil.

That evening, Corky, Kimmy, and Debra make their way to the old Fear mansion for some unholy reason. They plan to locate the eeeeevil. *sigh* Just do it already. Debra has been reading her books and says she wants to try and raise Sarah Fear's spirit. They go into the sitting room and Debra gives them directions: "We each take a candle. We kneel in the center of the room. Hold the candle in your left hand. Then we put our right hands forward and clasp them in the center." As the girls do this, the candles flicker and Debra takes that as a sign that the evil is in their presence. Kimmy thinks it's just the wind. Oh Kimmy. Buy a bolt and shut that trap of yours. Debra continues: "I'm going to chant now. When I finish the chant, the book says we should know where the evil spirit is." I was getting into it until Kimmy went and ruined it by saying "Give it the old razzmatazz." Dammit. After Debra finishes her chant, the girls think they see the spirit rise from the floor, but it's just a dog. Yeah, I don't know either. Just go with it. Kimmy gets sick of the whole thing and goes home. Debra tells Corky that they should go visit Jon Daly and Sarah Beth. You must be shrooming, lady. Jon wants to kill Corky! *sigh* They go anyway. Debra pulls up to Jon Daly's fancy house and they ring the bell. Jon's mom answers the door and informs the girls that Jon has been missing for two days.

The next night, Corky goes to the same coffee shop she visited with Sarah Beth and Chip to wait for Debra. Debra bustles in and tells Corky that Kimmy is really sick and couldn't join them. Oh well. Life goes on. I know--I'm cold. Corky tells Debra that Sarah Beth lives right across the street and that she's very suspicious of her. The girls finish their drinks and then cross the street to Sarah's place. Debra knocks on the door and Sarah answers with a towel wrapped around her hair. "Come in, come in. It's freezing out and I just shampooed my hair." Corky tells her that they want to know more about Sarah Fear and Sarah says she'll tell them after she turns off the stove. When she's out of the room, Corky accidentally knocks over a stack of papers. As she's picking them up, she spots some envelopes addressed to Sarah Fear. Like we didn't know this already! Sarah enters the room then and asks Corky what she's doing. Corky explains and then says that she couldn't help noticing the Sarah Fear thing. Sarah has an excuse ready: "Well, I guess you know my secret. I'm a Fear. It isn't that terrible! It doesn't mean I'm some kind of demon, you know." Actually, it DOES mean you're "some kind of demon." Sarah goes on to say that she uses her mother's maiden name (Plummer) instead of Fear because that name is such a curse. She says she doesn't want to talk about Sarah Fear, but Corky insists and tells her about the people that have died or gone missing. Then Corky blurts out that she saw Sarah and Jon Daly in the cemetery that night. Sarah has an explanation for that, too: "I've known Jon for years. We were in school together. We even dated for a while, but I lost touch with him. When he called me a few weeks ago, I was really surprised." She goes on to say that it was his idea to go to the cemetery and that he kept asking her if she knew the truth about his sister's death. Corky gets the feeling that Sarah is lying about all of this and so do I. Sarah says that Jon asked her if she believed in evil spirits and if she could summon spirits from the grave because she studies the occult and such. She says he was insistent so she told him that she read somewhere that you could dance on someone's grave to summon the spirit. Whatever! She says she just showed him a bit of the dance, but Corky thinks she was really into the entire thing. Then Sarah moves on to the subject of Sarah Fear and I'm not going there because it's basically a rehashing of everything she told Corky that night at the coffeehouse.

Debra drives Corky home and they sit in the driveway and talk. Both of them think Sarah wasn't being completely truthful with them. Debra thinks it's all a little too perfect: her name is Sarah Fear and she was telling them about Sarah Fear. Sarah Beth had mentioned that when the bodies of Sarah Fear and her relatives were pulled from the lake, their bodies were burnt as if they'd drowned in scalding hot water. Bobbi died in scalding water and Corky recently burnt herself with scalding water. Hmm. Corky finally goes inside and up to her room. Kimmy calls her with some sad news: "Did you hear about Jon Daly? They found him in Fear Lake. Drowned." And the body count rises.

The next evening, the cheerleaders are at a basketball game. Corky is nervous about the whole thing and we allllll know what's gonna happen here. And since I know you can't get enough of those cheers:

Shadyside High!
Shadyside High!
Can you dig it?
Everybody's here.
So everybody CHEER!

The pain! Dear God, THE PAIN! Everything goes smoothly until the girls do the pyramid. Corky gets to the top and becomes extremely dizzy. She sees Sarah Beth standing at the door. Grrreat. Corky decides it's time to jump and she does, but Kimmy doesn't catch her and she crashes to the floor. Ouch. Through the haze of pain, Corky hears Kimmy say "I tried to catch her! But something held my arms down!" This scene was ripped directly from the first book--the same thing happened to Bobbi! Corky thinks about the evil and then passes out.

When she wakes up, she's in the hospital. Her mother tells her she bruised a rib and broke her arm. She can go home tonight after her dad finishes filling out some forms. Corky can't stop thinking about the fact that the spirit tried to kill her. So. Sick. Of. This. Spirit. At home, Corky's mom runs a bath and helps Corky to the bathroom. Her mom goes back downstairs and Corky pulls off her robe. This is like a scene out of every slasher movie I've ever seen. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots a maroon and white cheerleading uniform. KIMMY is in the bathroom with her. "I wanted to get rid of you forever." SON OF A BITCH! I should've known it was Kimmy!!! Corky says "Kimmy, what are you saying? You're frightening me." Kimmy replies "I'm not Kimmy. You didn't cooperate. You were supposed to die like your sister." Corky makes the mistake of calling this evil thing 'Kimmy' and it gets a little nuts: "I'm not Kimmy! I am what you fear most! I have been inside Kimmy ever since that night. That night in the cemetery. The night you thought you sent me to my grave! You thought you were defeating me. You should've known better. Ronnie was there, too. And Debra was there. And Kimmy, lucky Kimmy." So Stine hates Kimmy, too. Huh. Corky asks the spirit why it killed Chip and Jon and why it's coming after her now. "Kimmy's enemies became MY enemies. I paid Chip back for dumping Kimmy and liking you. Jon was following me everywhere. He was coming too close to the truth. I knew that when I saw him with Sarah Beth. He's gone now." Corky wants to know why she has to die next so the spirit tells her: "I have to pay you back for that night in the cemetery. You tried to destroy me. Now I must destroy you." Why can't they settle this the old-fashioned way--with a thumb war! Or maybe rock-paper-scissors. But the spirit ain't having none of that: "Time for your bath. So nice of you to draw a hot, steamy tub. Now, Corky dear, you can die like your sister." Kimmy grabs Corky and pulls her toward the water. She shoves Corky's head into the steaming water, but Corky finds some strength and elbows Kimmy in the head with the cast. Corky grabs her and pushes her head into the water. A nasty green goo oozes to the surface of the water and coils there like a snake. Corky pulls the plug, draining the water and the green goop. She lets go of Kimmy's head and Kimmy is totally confused as to what's been happening. The last thing she remembers is Corky fighting Jennifer in the cemetery. "Kimmy, that was months ago!" Before Corky can explain anything, her mom comes in and is shocked to find her nekkid daughter and a soaking wet Kimmy. They all go downstairs and on the couch, Corky tells Kimmy that the evil is gone. "I drowned it. Really, I drowned it. I saw it disappear this time. Maybe now the nightmare is over. Maybe it really is gone for good." I wish.

The next morning, Corky gets dressed and goes downstairs. No-one is home but her. She shuffles through a stack of mail and finds something addressed to her. She tears open the envelope and finds a note inside. She gasps as she reads the message: "IT CAN'T BE DROWNED" Oh my heavens.

Conclusion? Pretty much as expected...except for the Kimmy part. I really didn't see that one coming even though I should always suspect Kimmy because she's horrible. The ending reminds me of the ending to I Know What You Did Last Summer when Julie finds the creepy note. I'm curious as to what happens in the next one. I hope Stine does something different and doesn't rip off any scenes from the First and Second Evil!

Next time: "Cheerleaders: The Third Evil" We're reaching the end, kids!

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