Friday, January 2, 2009

Killer's Kiss

Book Description:

Delia and Karina have always been rivals. For the best grades, the most friends, the hottest guys. This year, they both want Vincent--the most popular boy at Shadyside High. Karina is determined to win--no matter what it takes. And if she can't have Vincent, she'll make sure that no-one can.

My Description:

*sigh* Stories like this make my eyes burn with tears of hatred--no guy on this earth is worth killing people for! I knew I was gonna hate this book from the moment I picked it up, but that cover is irresistable. In a trashy cheesy way, of course, but irresistable nonetheless. That guy looks like a total tool. Let's find out how this MASTERPIECE stacks up.

Vincent and Delia have just finished sucking face and apparently it was magical: "Wow." Delia reapplies her fugly purple lipstick while Vincent gazes on in admiration. Are teenage guys this pathetic? See, I was a fucking nerd when I was a teenager (and I still am). A nerd whose contact with the opposite sex consisted of making fart jokes with my gay friend Stephen. So I'm really unsure about the habits of the average teenage guy. Although according to Fear Street books, teenage boys are brainless Ken dolls who are at the mercy of whatever female happens to cross their path. I can't mention sex because as we know, no-one in Shadyside has sex--children come from magical fairy eggs. Anyway, Delia mentions that they really need to plan Vincent's birthday party, but it doesn't look like they'll be getting around to it because they wasted too much time playing tonsil hockey. Vincent wants her to stick around, though. Not because he really likes her but because he's expecting Karina over at 9:00 and he needs something to entertain him while he waits. Asshole. Vincent enjoys giving Delia line after line: "You'd look awesome in purple vinyl!" and "You have great hair." and "You know that purple lipstick drives me crazy." Purple purple purple! Just call her Grimace.

While he kisses Delia, he compares she and Karina. Karina has blonde hair, blue eyes, and reminds Vincent of Michelle Pfeiffer. Delia is outgoing, outrageous, and a whole lot uglier than Karina. Vincent can't decide which girl he likes best even though Karina sounds a LOT better than Delia (not just because of their looks). At least she doesn't slather herself in purple lipstick and vinyl. Delia breaks away from Vincent's crusty lips for a moment to tell him that she can't believe she ever thought he liked Karina. HA! Little do you know! Vincent catches sight of the clock and notices that it has stopped. Uh-oh--it could already be 9:00! He jumps up and tells Delia that she has to leave right away because his parents might be home soon and who wants their parents coming in on such a purple mess? No-one, that's who. Just as Delia pulls away in her car, Karina pulls up. He tells her he's been so bored waiting for her. Lie much, Vince? As soon as Karina steps into the house, she gasps and says "Oh no! I don't believe it!" She smacks Vincent across the face after wiping PURPLE LIPSTICK off his cheek. Grimace left a calling card! And Karina gets 47585 points for that smack. Vincent makes up some lame ass lie about Delia stopping by for help with her American Civ homework and she kissed him goodbye as she left. Karina is still pissed, but more at Delia than at Vincent even though Vincent sucks.

Karina suddenly flips out: "I'm sick of Delia! I hate her! I won't let her win this time!" She runs out of the house and drives away. Ok then.

The next day, Delia is hanging out with her friends in the bleachers watching intramural basketball. Chills and thrills! Delia's mind is on Vincent's kisses from the night before. Gag me with a spork. Delia is wearing the most god-awful clothes this side of Claudia Kishi--an orange shirtdress with bright yellow flowers all over it. Sick. Delia's friend, Britty (yes BRITTY), interrupts Delia's thoughts by mentioning the Conklin Award. The Conklin is basically a scholarship that Delia desperately needs because in addition to being a fashion victim and a Grimace impersonator, she's also poor. Without the Conklin, she'll have to go to Waynesbridge Junior College instead of the fancy fashion college in NYC she'd rather go to. WAHHHH! In order to win the Conklin, candidates not only have to have top notch grades, they also have to perform in a talent show thing. Seriously? That makes no sense whatsoever. But I'll ignore it, Stine, because you're looking awfully sexy in that sweater. Anyway, there are seven students up for the award and--surprise surprise!--Karina is one of them. Delia's friends list all the things that Delia has done for the school, but Delia doesn't give a shit about that because Karina has done soooo much more. Shut up, Delia. Britty asks Delia why she hates Karina so much. Delia explodes because she thinks Britty is defending Karina. I hate this bullshit. It's so very high school, so very melodramatic, so very sickening. What happens next is just...odd. Karina bursts through the doors of the gym, spots Delia, and immediately starts ranting: "You! Delia, you witch! I hate you! You're not going to win this time, Delia!" Karina wraps her spindly fingers around Delia's throat in an attempt to choke her. May I remind you that all of this is going down in the name of Vincent? Delia almost blacks out, but yanks on Karina's hair just in time. Karina screams and backs off for a moment. About 1.5 seconds later, Karina pulls one of Delia's earrings, tearing her earlobe. Eventually Delia's friend, Gabe, pulls Karina away. *sigh* Fuck that noise. Instead of battling one another, these idiots need to kick Vincent's stupid ass all over Shadyside.

The next evening, Vincent is hanging out at Delia's house staring at some drawings Delia has done for the Conklin competition thingy. Most of them are drawings of her friends and Vincent notices that she didn't do one of him. That's because you're total crap, Vince. Delia notices that Vincent is paying more attention to the basketball game on TV than to her. She just chalks it up to him being tired and upset over the Karina incident the day before. Keep lying to yourself, dear. You might start to believe it. Delia mentions that she and Karina actually used to be friends and she doesn't know where things went wrong. You're LOOKING at what went wrong! Being an insensitive bastard, Vincent doesn't really wanna talk. He just wants to make out, but Delia isn't really feeling it. She makes the mistake of saying "You won't let this thing with Karina come between us will you?" which causes Vincent to get pissed off because he doesn't wanna talk about Karina anymore. He grabs her and kisses her which is my cue to ralph up the tacos I ate earlier. Delia breaks away and flips out a little when she notices that someone is watching them. It's just Delia's bratty 15 year old sister, Sarah. She's supposed to be at swim practice which is why Delia is so startled to see her. Delia tells her to leave them alone, but Sarah doesn't want to and Delia retaliates by saying that Sarah is just jealous because she can't get a date. This pisses Sarah off and she screams "I hate you!" in Delia's face before kicking a few of Delia's drawings to the floor. Then she grabs Delia's self-portrait and runs out of the room. How old are these people again? Delia chases her, but Sarah refuses to return the picture. Instead, she leans over the banister and tells Delia that she'll do more than spy next time. I look forward to it.

The next afternoon, Delia is digging through her locker for her geology notebook and thinking about Sarah. She hears someone behind her say "So I was wondering if you want to hang out or something on Saturday." She turns and sees Stewart Andrews standing behind her. Stewart is one of the people that Delia has to compete against for the Conklin and Delia finds him to be quite the babe. Delia is tempted to take him up on the offer, but she spots Vincent coming down the hall and informs Stew that she's already taken. Lady, get a fucking grip! Vincent is a total douchebag who doesn't care about you in the least! Why the hell am I trying to reason with someone who doesn't even exist?! Just further proof that I am losing the last tiny bits of sanity I've managed to salvage. Anyway, Delia thinks it's weird that Stewart didn't already know that she was with Vincent; she thought everyone knew. She walks off to return a book to the library and then heads to the geology lab to meet Britty. She walks past a storage room and thinks she hears her name drift out of the slightly open door. She creeps closer and manages to get a peek inside. Stewart is in there chatting with Karina. Delia moves closer and hears her name uttered more than once. Before she can hear more, Britty comes up and drags her into the lab. Delia tells Brit her theory on what's taking place in the closet: "I think she sent him to ask me out. She's trying to use him to break up me and Vincent." I'm already over this book and I'm only 41 pages in. Britty asks Delia why Stewart would ever help Karina because it doesn't really make any sense. Delia finally admits that the two probably weren't plotting against her and she should really lay off the peyote. The girls see Karina exit the closet and Delia begs Britty to go talk to her: "Britty! Maybe we can help Karina. Maybe you could talk to her. You know. Explain how much Vincent and I care about each other." Correction--how much YOU care about HIM. Delia sucks. Does she honestly think that Karina is going to be reasonable about this? I mean, the girl tried to tear Delia's ear off! Britty agrees and runs down the hall to ask Karina if she wants to hang out later. Delia eavesdrops on the whole conversation and is shocked when she hears Karina say "Tell your best friend Delia something for me. Tell her she'll never win the Conklin. I guarantee it. And she won't get Vincent away from me either. Did you hear me, Delia? I know you're standing there listening. Listen all you want. Do you really want to hear something? I'll give you something to listen to, Delia. I'll do anything. Do you hear me? I'll do ANYTHING to keep you from winning!" Oh sweet sadistic Karina. I love your wicked ways. I only wish your beef with Delia wasn't over a big fat stupid loser who gets a boner at the sight of a retarded purple alien.

Or whatever the hell that thing is. I've never really stopped to consider it. I prefer the Hamburglar.

Sweet. Anyway! That night, Delia is lying in bed trying to go to sleep, but she can't because she's plagued by thoughts of Karina. Suddenly she hears a scraping sound break the silence. Someone enters her room and puts their hand over her mouth and nose, pressing her down into the pillow. Delia finally manages to break away and sees that the intruder is none other than Karina. I'm sure none of us saw that coming from a mile away. Karina raises a pistol and says "This won't hurt. You won't feel a thing." Wow. I think this book just got a whole lot better. Nah, never mind. It wasn't a freaking pistol. It was a tube of lipstick. Yes, Delia thought a tube of lipstick was a freaking pistol. *sigh* Karina draws lines all over Delia's face with the lipstick. OH DEAR JEHOVAH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Then Delia wakes up. I can do nothing but shake my head at this point. This book is shaping up to be like a crappy Lifetime movie.

The next day is the Conklin talent competition that I don't understand. Delia is last in line and nervous as hell. I don't know why she's feeling so jittery. If she can't get into her fancy fashion school, she could always go to work as a ghostwriter for R.L. Stine. Aw yeahhhhhh. Stewart is performing a magic act, Karina is singing and playing the piano, and Delia will be singing and playing guitar (I don't know the other four kids are doing). Someone tell me how this has ANYTHING to do with getting a scholarship. I'm assuming that this entire set-up is just a convenient plot contrivance and we'll learn the point of it all soon enough. It's now Karina's turn and Delia is disappointed to learn that Karina has a beautiful voice. In the middle of Karina's performance, Delia notices that Sarah is sitting in the front row. Delia is disturbed because Sarah is staring at her like she wants to murder her then and there. When Sarah starts grinning, Delia knows that she's up to no good. Ooo...this should be good. It BETTER be good or this book is going to be buried in the trashcan. What am I saying? Not even psycho Sarah can save this piece of crap! It is now Delia's turn to take the stage and I'm giddy with anticipation--what is Sarah gonna do? Delia steps onstage and announces to the judges that she has written an original song. She opens her guitar case and gets a nasty little surprise--the strings are all cut and the words 'HA HA' are written in red paint across the front. Also, crammed into the hole in the center of the guitar is a decomposing rat carcass. Delia completely flips out and throws the case to the floor. The dead rat tumbles out and falls on Delia's shoe. *giggle* I'm truly in love with this scene. I think I'll marry it. Delia sinks down to her knees and Britty comes running to help her out. Delia starts screaming at Karina, throwing accusations. Karina denies everything: "I don't need any tricks. Not to beat you." Damn straight. Delia watches in awe as Karina walks up to Sarah, says something, and the two walk away together. Delia is sure they were in this together and she just doesn't know what to do! WAHHHH!

At home that evening, Delia is still thinking about the rat and worrying about what might happen at her next performance (yes, she gets to try again next week). She perks up a little when she pulls into the driveway and notices a note tacked to the front door. It's from the almighty Vincent and he wants her to meet him at Red Heat later. She immediately thinks of what she's going to wear: black suede miniskirt, black suede fringed vest, purple lace bodysuit, red platform shoes. Ouch. Britty borrowed the skirt a few weeks ago so Delia decides to drive on over and get it back. Britty answers the door covered in flour and chocolate icing. She and the girls' friend, Gabe, are baking chocolate chip cookies instead of studying like they should be. Gotta love a man in an apron. Delia goes inside to indulge in some cookie eating and momentarily forgets about her issues with Karina and such.

On the drive home, Delia is feeling pretty good. Until she turns on Park Drive and spots Karina and Vincent kissing, loses control of the car on a patch of ice, and slams into a tree. The airbag inflates in her face and a moment later, she hears someone calling her name. It's Karina who tells her that things aren't as bad as they seem: "You've got a big dent in the hood. And one headlight is smashed. Nothing serious. As long as you're ok." How sweet of her to pretend to care. And just where the hell has Vincent gone? Karina says he went to call Delia's parents. The girls use this opportunity to discuss the fact that Vincent has been playing them both. They decide to declare a truce--no more fighting. Delia doesn't completely trust Karina, though, and decides that she's going to keep seeing Vincent anyway. Delia, you truly define the word 'jackass'. Seriously. This guy is OBVIOUSLY a jerk, a weasel, a snake in the grass! Get a grip, lady!

That night, Vincent calls Delia to inform her that he can't make it to Red Heat tonight so they'll have to go this weekend. The only reason he cancelled was because he saw Karina and Delia talking earlier and he's afraid they're banding against him: "If Delia and Karina became friends again, it would totally mess up his life." What a selfish asshole. He tells Delia that he saw the two girls talking and if Karina said anything to Delia, he needs to set the record straight. He claims that Karina just grabbed him on Park Drive and started kissing him. "She's pathetic." Grrrrrr! Vincent ends the conversation when he's satisfied that Delia believes him. Then he turns to the girl sitting next to him and says "That wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. She was really angry." The mystery girl tells him she'll get over it and Vincent replies "You're really evil, Sarah." What the hell?!!? Sarah, you little harlot! Who else could we possibly add to this little web of deception? Web of Deception! If this were a Lifetime movie, that would totally be the title.

The next afternoon, Delia is preparing to show off her artwork to the judges in what I assume is part two of the Conklin talent competition. Karina is already showing off HER art which is, of course, absolutely fabulous. Eventually it's Delia's turn and she walks into the room and opens her portfolio. The first thing that catches her eye is a dark smear of purple. Uh-oh. Every drawing is ruined--someone smeared purple lipstick all over everything. When Delia looks at her self-portrait, she's shocked: "Dark purple lipstick blocked out the eyes. They stared blankly up at Delia. Two round purple circles. The lipstick had been ground into the canvas. Gouging a hole in one spot. Underneath the drawing, she could read a drawing scrawled in purple: "HA HA. Couldn't you just die?" The judges ask Delia just what the hell is going on and Delia loses it, screaming "Can't you SEE? Can't you see what someone has done to me?" She then drops the portfolio to the floor and runs out of the room. Yeah, I think you can kiss that Conklin good-bye. To make things even worse, Delia comes across Karina and Vincent cuddling and kissing in the hall. Dear Lord. Will it never end?!

Later that afternoon, Delia is hanging out at Britty's house, moping and complaining about her botched drawings. She wants to drop out of the competition completely, but Britty says that she shouldn't do that, she should simply tell the judges that Karina is sabotaging her work. As if they'll believe that without concrete evidence. Delia confesses that she's afraid of Karina, but she can't back down from this competition because if she does, she'll never get to New York! WAHHHHH! She suddenly feels an urge to talk to Vincent, but Britty tries to talk her out of it: "You're going to see Vincent? After what you saw today? After all the lies he told you? Why? Why do you want to talk to him? Let Karina have him. They deserve each other." But Delia is a stubborn fool who says she has to give Vincent a chance to explain himself. I can feel my blood pressure rising...I think my head might explode before I finish this thing. Anyway, Delia drives over to Vincent's place, walks past the front window on her way to the door, and spies Vincent snuggling up to some girl on the couch. Delia barges in without knocking and when she sees Vincent and the chick making out, she screams "Get away from her!" Vincent and the girl break apart and Delia is horrified to see that the girl is Sarah. Vincent and Sarah have absolutely ZERO shame and act as if nothing happened while Delia gazes on in shock. Delia notices that Sarah is wearing one of her shirts and some of her purple lipstick. Vincent attempts to make some extremely lame excuse as to why Sarah stopped by even though he's been caught red handed. I hate you, Vincent. My hatred burns with the heat of a thousand suns! IN HELL! I don't care if that made no sense. I'm too pissed to think clearly. I don't know why I let these stupid books get to me. *sob* Sarah grabs her coat and prepares to leave, but before she goes, Delia whispers in her ear: "You didn't really think he would choose you over me, did you? Even in my clothes and makeup, you're nothing special." Sarah gets teary eyed and Delia feels good about hurting her sister. She then turns to Vincent expecting some answers for his bad behavior. He lies like a damn dog as usual. First, he tells her that he felt sorry for Sarah and thought he would give her some pointers so other guys wouldn't think she was such a geek. When Delia brings up Karina, Vincent has this to say: "Karina has this idea that I'm her boyfriend. I don't know why, but she does. I've been trying to figure out what to do. But you know Katrina. You know how out-of-control she can get." Anger...boiling...over. I hate you so much, Vincent. I've come across a lot of creeps in these books, but you are truly one of a kind. Delia begs Vincent to talk to Karina and get her some help because Delia is terrified of Karina.

Well, it's finally Vincent's fucking birthday party. Considering the fact that he chose to have his party in a creepy old mansion on Fear Street, I'm sure this book is about to get a whole lot worse. Save me. This mansion is deserted and Vincent has called "squatter's rights". Somehow the electricity and everything never got turned off so they can use the location to celebrate the unholy occasion of Vincent's birth. Save. Me. Vincent thinks it's weird that Delia hasn't shown up yet, but everyone else is there so who cares? Britty does and she pulls Vincent off the dance floor to ask him where she is. Vincent really doesn't care. Around midnight, people start to leave and Vincent realizes that Delia never bothered to show up. Suddenly the door bursts open and Delia comes staggering in like a drunk on a bender. One of her high heels are broken and the right sleeve of her dress is ripped and her arms are covered in scratches and she's got blood all over her face. She begs for help and Gabe and Britty come running. They help Delia lie down and wipe the blood off her face. Delia calms down enough to explain what happened, all the while pointing fingers at Karina: "She invited me to her house tonight. Before the party. She said she wanted to talk. She wanted to apologize for all the horrible things she's done to me. She said she wanted to be friends again." At this point, Karina flips out and says she never did anything of the sort. Delia goes on to say that Karina hit her in the head with something, knocked her out, and when she woke up, she was tied to the bed. Kinky. Delia shows everyone the rope burns around her wrists as Karina screams that none of this is true. Delia keeps taunting Karina until Karina goes completely ballistic: "Noooo! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I hate you! I hate you ALL!" She runs out of the house and someone says they should call her parents to inform them of what's going on. I love how these people are all so calm like they didn't just break someone's mind into pieces or anything.

The next morning, Britty and Delia are getting ready to go out. Where are they going, you ask? They're headed back to the old mansion to be a part of Vincent's clean-up crew. Oh man. You people suck! I mean, it's nice and everything, but Vincent is such an asshole to expect everyone else to clean up for him. Gabe stops by to pick the girls up and he brought doughnuts to eat on the way. Yum. When the three arrive at the house, it's dark and deserted. Vincent was supposed to already be here and they begin to search for him. So these three are the entire "clean-up crew"? Ok then. After a bit, Delia spots Vincent lying on the floor surrounded by empty pizza boxes and soda cans. He isn't moving which isn't anything to be too worried about--I know I can't move after I've gorged myself on soda and pizza. *drool* Oh, never mind. Vincent isn't in a food induced stupor. He's just dead. Someone stabbed him in the chest. I wish I felt something, but I don't because Vincent sucked, man, he just sucked. They call the cops and go outside to stand on the porch and wait for them. Two officers finally show up, Detective Bender (tee hee) and Detective Jamison. They explain the situation to the detectives and then lead them inside. As the detectives examine the body, Britty nudges Delia and points out the purple lipstick marks on Vincent's cheek. Oh shut up. The detectives also notices that Delia is wearing the same lipstick that is smudged all over the corpse and they start asking her questions. Then they go to call everyone's parents to take them down to the station for more questioning. Down at the station, Delia is sitting alone in a room. An officer enters and shows her two photos. One shows the purple lip print on Vincent's cheek and the other is a close-up of Delia's face. The detective says that the print and Delia's lips are a perfect match. Delia claims that is impossible, but the detective simply repeats himself. Delia sits silently for a moment then brightens up and says "I'm innocent! I can prove it! If I kissed Vincent, the print on his cheek wouldn't appear the way my lips do in the photo. The print would be reversed." Oh goody. Even after Delia demonstrates her theory with a napkin and her favorite lipstick, the detectives still seem confused. It's really not that difficult to grasp, idiots. Delia then says she thinks KARINA is the one who killed Vincent. She explains how crazy Karina has been lately. One of the detectives says they'll have to check it out and Delia is relieved that she's off the hook.

After leaving the police station, instead of riding home with her parents, Delia decides to walk over to Britty's house in the dark. This is a set-up for something awful to happen. But Delia ends up going to Karina's house instead of Britty's because she just HAS to know whether or not Karina is the murderer! What a moron. If Karina really did do all those horrible things to Delia then why in hell would Delia want to be alone with her? Only 19 pages left. Can we make it? I hope so. Anyway, it turns out Delia doesn't go to Karina's house alone. The detectives decide to tag along and Delia hides in the bushes while they go to the door. Karina answers the door and it's obvious she's been crying. Her mother also comes to the door to speak with the detectives. They say they'd like to speak with Karina and she allows them inside. Once they're in, Delia creeps around to the living room window and peeks inside. She gets a shock when she sees Karina staring right at her. HA. She ducks down, afraid that she was caught. Why is she even doing this?!?! Why couldn't she just talk to the cops later about what they found out? It isn't like she can hear anything that Karina is saying! After a bit of watching Karina and the detectives through the window, Delia gets bored and decides to sneak into the house. Yeah, this will turn out well, I'm sure. Delia goes in a side door, tip-toes upstairs, and hears someone rustling around in Karina's room. Oh Delia, you have truly reached new heights of stupidity--how do you suppose you're going to get OUT of the house without someone seeing you? The door is slightly open so she peeks inside. The two detectives are searching through Karina's things while Karina stands by and babbles on about something. Then Detective Bender finds something interesting stuffed in a drawer--pages of notebook paper and several tissues all marked with purple lipstick. Give me a fucking break. This lipstick shit is ridiculous. It doesn't prove a damn thing. The detectives explain the "significance" of the lip marks and Karina says she would never harm Vincent because she cared for him and he cared for her. This causes Delia to lose her cool and she screams "No! He didn't care about you! He didn't! And you killed him! You killed him! The only boy I ever loved!" What a drama queen. The detectives are pissed because they told her stay outside and Karina is shocked to see her. Delia charges at Karina and the girls wrestle a bit before backing off. The detectives didn't even try to break this up...make of that what you will. The detectives decide to leave with Karina and her mother for the station.

It's now prom night. I know, right? Of all the random things! Delia and Gabe have decided to forego prom and arrive at Shadyside Psychiatric Hospital all decked out in their finery. Delia is OF COURSE wearing purple. Plenty has happened since the night the detectives found the tissues and notebook paper in Karina's drawer: Karina is now institutionalized and Delia won the stupid Conklin Award. Speaking of the Conklin, Gabe brings it up and Delia says "It's not the way I wanted to win it." Gabe is confused so Delia explains: "If only Karina had realized how much she already had. She had Vincent. And she had the Conklin Award. Karina would have won, you know. She would have won them both. If I had let her." Oh no. OH HELL NO. Delia goes on: "I took charge. Don't you get it? I started with the small stuff. You know. Jamming the rat into my guitar and smearing purple lipstick over my paintings." HATE!!!! "I could tell those little tricks wouldn't be enough. Karina was too pretty and too talented. The judges loved her. So I had to do something else. Something more..." Gabe is totally horrified at what he's hearing and has an urge to run away, but he can't because this is just too juicy. Delia says that she had to kill Vincent because he liked Karina better and because she caught him kissing Sarah that time. She laughingly confesses that she snuck into Karina's house while Karina was at Vincent's birthday party and planted those incriminating tissues and sheets of paper. Delia turns to Gabe and says "You won't tell on me--will you? Will you? Will you, Vincent? I mean Gabe." Then she plants purple kisses all over his face. Creepy. Gabe hears a noise and turns. A doctor is standing there and he tells Gabe "I heard the whole story. I'll phone the police." YAY! Delia gets a comeuppance!

Conclusion? This wasn't the worst Fear Street I've ever read, I must admit, but it was so paint-by-numbers. I've read various incarnations of the same story a million times! I'm surprised there isn't a "Killer's Kiss 2" in which Karina is released and Delia is committed but breaks out to hunt down Karina and get some revenge.

Next time: "The Girlfriend" This one isn't actually a Fear Street novel (yeeeeee-hawwwwww!) but it's about a stalking, murderous nutjob (I think) so it may as well be!

Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns (Goosebumps #48)

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