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Cheerleaders: The Third Evil

* Damn. That chick looks broke down. *

Book Description:

Did the evil spirit really leave Kimmy's body? The cheerleaders of Shadyside High can still feel its dark presence and Corky knows that it is out there, somewhere close. And getting closer. Corky is tormented night after night by dreams of her dead sister, Bobbi. What terrifying message is Bobbi trying to tell her? When the evil begins again--more horrible, more gruesome than ever--Corky knows it is up to her to learn the century-old secrets and destroy the evil spirit's power for good. But so many have died already--will Corky be next?

My Description:

Part One - Team Spirit

The cheerleaders are at practice when Miss Green blows her whistle and signals for them to stop. She tells Hannah Miles, a freshman, to show the veteran cheerleaders how it's done. Oh I'm sure they looooooove that. Hannah is all too happy to show off her skills and the other girls just stand by rolling their eyes. No-one likes being shown up, after all, especially by someone younger and less experienced. Corky thinks to herself about the fact that she's jealous of Hannah. That thought somehow leads to thoughts of the murders of the last two books. What am I saying? EVERYTHING is centered on the murders in these books! It's all about the evil, baby. Miss Green's voice breaks Corky out of her thoughts and the girls start their cheer. You bet your sweet ass I'm posting it:

Tigers, let's score!
Six points and more!
Tigers, let's score!
Six points and more!

And it repeats itself over and over again. My brain pretty much shuts down when I read these things. Corky can't help but notice how much Hannah is showing off with her bad ass moves. After the cheer ends, Miss Green praises Hannah but basically ignores everyone else which pisses the others off. Tee hee. Girls can be so very catty.

After practice, most of the girls head to The Corner to talk trash about Hannah. They're interrupted when the waitress comes to take orders. Kimmy and Ronnie get burgers and Cokes, Debra gets fries and a chocolate milkshake, and all the girls gag when they see that Corky orders split pea soup. I hate going to a restaurant and ordering something that I love but everyone else around me hates and they all give a resounding "EWW!" Anyway, the conversation turns back to the weather...uh, I mean HANNAH. They wonder if she's dating anyone and Kimmy says she saw Hannah and Gary Brandt at the mall Saturday. Gary is truly the village bicycle--everybody's had a ride. What a slut. He should've gotten his own book. The girls start discussing their upcoming Spring Break which will be spent at cheer camp. Ooo evil goes to camp. This should be good. You all know how much I love camp stories. The camp will be at Madison College and the girls will be rooming together in a dorm. I feel a cat fight coming on. How could anyone stand living with Kimmy even for a week?! And now we get the obligatory mention of the evil. Kimmy says "I can't stop thinking about it. I keep thinking, what if the evil is still around? What if it's still INSIDE me?" Just tell it to move out. *sigh* If only it were that easy. Suddenly, Corky's soup starts bubbling and rises up into a green soupy tornado. The girls quickly get away from the table and the soup loses it's thunder and plops all over the floor. Wow. As everybody stares in shock, the girls creep out of the restaurant without even paying for that evil soup or their burgers or anything. Assholes. Corky realizes that the evil was right at their table which means that it's inhabiting one of these girls. Which one will it be this time? I call Debra.

Debra and Ronnie go home, but Corky and Kimmy go to Corky's house and somehow end up at the cemetery because Corky can't go a single day without checking in with her dead sister. Kimmy makes sure that this visit is short and drags Corky back home. They sit on the porch and discuss the soup incident and Kimmy once again confesses that she's afraid the evil is still within her. She really has no way of knowing if it is or not. Corky says she is sure the evil is not in Kimmy; after all, she saw it go down the drain. Yeah, we all remember that night. Nekkid cheerleader wrestling evil spirit is not something you soon forget! I really hope the twist isn't that the evil is still in Kimmy. Kimmy is evil enough without it. Kimmy finally goes home and Corky goes inside. She calls out "Anyone home?" but no-one answers. She goes into the laundry room, picks up a stack of her freshly washed clothes, and heads upstairs to put them away. Corky finds a nasty surprise in her room: "Lying in her bed, tucked under the covers, was the hideous, bloated head of a corpse." Home sweet home. If you guessed that this is another one of Sean's stupid jokes, you WIN! He made the head out of "papier-mache" in art class so I'm having trouble with the fact that Corky honestly thought a kid's art project was a REAL decapitated head.

That night, Bobbi floats into Corky's room. Dear Lord. Bobbi tries to tell Corky something, but no words come out of her crusty lips. She floats toward Corky in a mist of fog and blue light. Then she pulls off the top of her own head. She forces Corky to look inside her skull. Squirming inside are thousands of cockroaches. Gross! Thank goodness this was all a dream. Have I mentioned how much I fucking HATE dream sequences??? It's just too damn bad that Stine uses them constantly in every single book he has ever written. The man is unable to write a book without a dream! Corky sits up in bed, throws the blanket off, and finds that her bed is crawling with roaches. Sick. She screams for her parents and they come running, but when they enter the room and turn on the light, they find no roaches. It's just their crazy, sweaty daughter. This scene was so predictable that it HURTS!!! Where is the originality!?! I've read some variation of this same scene a thousand times. *sigh* I'll shut up now.

It is now the day the girls arrive at cheer camp. Everyone is incredibly excited. WOOOO! Or something. The girls get their room assignments and Corky, Kimmy, and Debra end up sharing a room. "The walls were lime green, the low ceiling bright yellow. Two small desks were pushed back to back in the middle of the room. A third desk stood against one wall between two low dressers. Over one of the dressers, someone had tacked up a poster of U2." Bitchin'. Debra gets the bed in front of the window which means Corky has to share a bunk with Kimmy. As the girls are settling in, Hannah knocks at the door. She comes in and asks to room with them. "There's no room for me with Ronnie and Heather. They both filled up the dressers before I started to unpack. And look at all the stuff I brought." She has two giant suitcases filled to the brim. They tell her that they don't exactly have room either. Plus, there's only three beds to each room and I can't see our little prima donna sleeping on the floor. Hannah gets all teary eyed and asks if one of them will trade places with her. I think Hannah possesses the evil, kids. Finally Debra says she doesn't mind trading and hauls her things to the other room. Kimmy tells Hannah to hurry and unpack because they have to get to practice and they'll get points off for being late. Just leave her ass! Then Hannah asks Corky to run her a hot bath because she has to unpack and doesn't have time to run it herself. Hannah is definitely the evil! The request pisses Corky off, but she does it anyway. I don't think the words "Fuck off" are too out of line. Corky tells Hannah the water is running and she and the others leave Hannah behind. Yay! They get halfway down the hall before Kimmy remembers she forgot the carton of pom poms. They turn back and just as they reach the door, they hear Hannah screaming. I already know what this is about and I'm sure you do, too. They step inside and Hannah screams "How could you?" at Corky. The damn water was too hot and the little idiot didn't test it before stepping in. Corky apologizes even though it really isn't her fault and Hannah is just being a little creep. Hannah says it's ok and she's feeling better now. Kimmy grabs the box of pom poms and they leave Hannah again. Corky remembers that Kimmy stepped into the bathroom just before they left the first time and she wonders if it was Kimmy who turned the hot water up. Who cares? Hannah sucks.

Time for more cheers!

Hey America--the time is here!
Shadyside, stand up and cheer!
Here we come. We want the world to know
Shadyside is the HIT OF THE SHOW!

I need a moment. A moment to puke my guts up. Because Shadyside sucks. Big time. Why do they have to involve America? And THE WORLD?!? Anyway, they're in a gigantic gym with fifteen other squads so everyone can see their shame. HA. Everyone takes a break to watch the squad beside them, the Redwood Bulldogs, in particular one girl named Blair O'Connell who Kimmy knows because they went to the same Sunday school. Kimmy goes to church? KIMMY?!?! Obviously hasn't done her any good. The Shadyside girls are astounded at Blair's skills and looks. Except Kimmy of course! She thinks dear Blair is stuck-up and disgusting. Ok then. Miss Green finally tells the girls to get back to work. After one routine, Hannah comes up to Corky and says "Corky, can I give you a little advice? You need to get more lift on your spread-eagle jump. You're still a little too low. If you bring your feet in closer, you can control your jump better. Watch. I'll show you." What a bitch! Corky gets pissed and walks off. Kimmy comes up to her a moment later and says "Someone has to take Hannah down a peg or two. She's the pits. Sometimes I could just murder her. Couldn't you?" Hell yes. Corky just shrugs it off. A whistle blows and the squads gather to hear about the competitions and such. There will be minor competitions every night and on the final night, a major one will be held. Winners get awards and the blood of the innocent. Yee-haw.

Corky gets back to her room before anyone else and decides to take a shower. As soon as she sets foot inside the room, though, her feet stick to the carpet. "She tried to walk, but the floor was sticky and wet. The carpet still moved in waves, thick and black, rolling over her sneakers." What the hell? Corky starts to panic as the blackness begins climbing her legs in an effort to suck her under. Corky continues to cry for help and then she hears Debra's voice asking her what the hell she's doing. Corky opens her eyes and realizes that she's on her knees and the carpet is NOT a black wave of HORRRRRROR! Since Debra is on familiar terms with the evil, Corky feels comfortable telling her the truth about what just happened. This only raises the question: who is doing these things? I still call Debra!

That evening, the Bulldogs win the competition like we all thought they would. What did they do? "They performed an endless rap routine that wowed the judges." You have no idea how grateful I am that Stine didn't give the play-by-play. I don't think I could have stood it. Anyway, Shadyside's performance was less than stellar and the girls know it. Hannah is the only one who worked up any true enthusiasm about the whole thing. If she were any perkier, her head would pop off. And yes, that IS something I'd like to see. After the Bulldogs receive their award, a judge comes out to speak with all the squads: "On the final night we will award a spirit stick to each member of the winning squad. The sticks will be painted with your school colors and can be used to help inspire spirit at pep rallies (or to beat a bitch down. Whatever you prefer!) But on every other night we'll award a red spirit ribbon to the most spirited cheerleader on each squad. There's so much spirit in this gym tonight, it's unbelievable!" Little do you know, lady. After some applause, the judge hands out the red ribbons. Blair O'Connell naturally gets one and the Shadyside winner is...THE EVIL! RAWR! By 'the evil' I do mean Hannah. Kimmy rolls her eyes at this. I'm really starting to *gasp* LIKE Kimmy. Her eye rolls and sighs and catty insults crack me up. I can't help it! I mean, in real life, I'd probably hate her, but I don't have to worry about that because she isn't real. Hannah fetches her ribbon and runs over to Debra. The two hug and then leave together which Corky finds odd because those two never seemed very chummy before. They're obviously lovers, Corky. Don't be jealous. There's some nice girl (or boy) out there for you, too. Corky makes her way through the crowd and happens to overhear Blair and friends talking trash about all the other squads. "Not much competition this year. Everyone's just so tacky. Did you BELIEVE that nursery rhyme routine? What is this? Kindergarten or something?" Corky thinks about how snobby these girls are and how she'd like to beat them and wipe that smirk off Blair's face. Yes! DO IT!

As much as it pains me to say it, Corky has a dream that night. Bobbi floats through the window and hovers over Corky. Corky begs to know why her sister is visiting her and Bobbi tries to tell her, but no sound comes out of her mouth even though her lips are moving. Once again, Bobbi removes the top of her skull and shows Corky the contents. Instead of cockroaches, it's snakes this time. Corky snaps awake and hears screaming. She thinks that she is doing it, but it's actually Hannah. Kimmy is now also awake and she and Corky run to Hannah's bedside. Hannah's blood curdling shrieks were really unnecessary: someone cut all her hair off. Ok, yes, that sucks very much, but shut the hell up! Hannah turns on the girls and asks which one of them did it. Kimmy asks her why she thinks they would do such a horrible thing (I can think of several reasons) and Hannah says "Because you're jealous of me." It's official: I absolutely LOATHE this chick. Kimmy gets totally pissed and almost Hulks out, but instead says "You're new on the squad, Hannah. You don't know us very well. And I'm sorry to say it because I know you're really upset, but you don't know as much as you think you do." Hannah replies "I know one thing for sure. I know one thing. You want me out--you want me off the squad. So you think you can scare me-" Corky interrupts, telling her that isn't true at all. Just let Kimmy choke the bitch and you can all go back to bed. Hannah says that she isn't quitting the squad. Then she goes to her dresser and starts pulling her clothes on. It's almost time for breakfast so she's going to go tell Miss Green what they did (or rather what she THINKS they did). Grrrrr. Corky goes back to bed thinking that Kimmy must have been the culprit because the eeeeeeevil is still inside her. She gets out of bed and asks Kimmy what they're going to do. Kimmy asks "I'd remember if I cut off Hannah's braid, wouldn't I?" Kimmy is on the verge of tears and Corky tells her that she really doesn't know. Kimmy gets dressed and heads out for breakfast. Corky stays behind and starts getting dressed. She opens her dresser and finds a pair of scissors with strands of Hannah's hair stuck to it lying on top of her clothes. I think Hannah did it herself.

At breakfast, Corky sits alone with her cornflakes while Debra, Ronnie, and Kimmy wolf down their food at the other end of the table. She spots Hannah talking with Miss Green and then Miss Green looks her way. Uh-oh. Hannah takes her place next to Debra and the girls start whispering together. Corky feels a sudden urge to confide in Debra about her suspicions about Kimmy and walks over to her. Corky asks if they can talk privately and Debra says "Hi Corky. Can it wait? I'm talking to Hannah right now." Burn. Debra turns away and starts whispering to Hannah again while Corky just stands there, stunned by Debra's words. Corky is about to leave the cafeteria, but Miss Green calls she and Kimmy over. Here it comes... "Hannah has brought a serious complaint against you two. I-I really can't believe this happened. I mean, what Hannah told me. It's just so cruel. So incredibly vicious." Yeah, well, Hannah is a lying, conniving bitch so I wouldn't be too quick to believe anything she says, Mr. Green. Oh, I'm sorry--MISS Green. Green continues, telling the girls that she can't believe either of them would do such a thing and she actually refers to the incident as "A truly vicious attack." She's acting like Hannah was beaten with a hammer and then raped with a red hot poker. So her hair is gone! Hair grows back, you fucking idiots! I have to go to my happy place and calm down. Ok, I'm cool now. For a while, at least. Miss Green says she needs to know which of them did it. She asks Kimmy first and Kimmy says yes! Corky thinks Kimmy believes she's protecting Corky by confessing so Corky pipes up and says that SHE was the one. You're both stupid. Miss Green gets pissed off and says "I want the truth. I don't want you covering for each other. I want to know the truth. Who's responsible?" Corky says that neither of them did it, but Miss Green isn't buying it and says she'll deal with them when they get back to Shadyside and oh how they'll be disciplined! Probably over Miss Green's knee. Ew. Miss Green walks off and Kimmy says she's over this whole thing and doesn't even wanna be here anymore. The girls head to the gym together and on the way, they spot Blair doing cartwheels and other shit I don't give a damn about and my darling Kimmy says "She really makes me sick. Someone should do something about her." I can only hope!

It's now time for the evening competition. The Bulldogs get to go first OF COURSE. Stupid Bulldogs. YOU SUCK! The girls run out onto the floor and sweet merciful heavens! Blair trips and busts her face on the hardwood floor! She raises herself from the floor and everyone sees that blood is gushing from her mouth. Her lip is cut and her two front teeth have been broken in half. Stifle your giggles. Blair manages to scream "Somebody tripped me!" before being led away by her teammates. Corky looks directly at Kimmy and sees that Kimmy is staring back with a very weird look on her face. *sigh* I get sick of the whole 'meaningful looks' thing. Corky is paranoid as hell.

The next chapter is titled "The Scissors Again" and that just makes me wanna die, man. DIE, I say! It's the next afternoon and the girls are at practice. Kimmy wants to do the diamond-head pyramid, the one that makes Corky extremely nervous for the obvious reasons. When Hannah exclaims that she wants to be on top, Kimmy quickly agrees. This should be good. Unfortunately for me, everything goes smoothly; Kimmy catches Hannah just like she's supposed to. The girls stop for a water break and Kimmy tells Corky that some people are going to be in for a surprise tonight. What a devil.

Kimmy, Corky, and Hannah are in their room that evening getting themselves ready for competition. Kimmy goes ahead without the other two. Hannah comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and politely drops the towel and pulls on some underpants in front of Corky. As if Corky wants to see that sickness. Hannah turns her back to Corky and babbles on about the competition while Corky creeps over to her dresser and pulls out a pair of scissors. IT'S CORKY! The damned evil has corrupted my beloved Corky! Why am I always wrong about these things? I should've known from the beginning, but noooooo. Oh well. Corky doesn't get to stab Hannah in the back, though, because Kimmy comes bounding back through the door to fetch the pom poms she's forever forgetting. Corky sits on her bed because her head is swimming. She tells the girls that she feels like crap and won't be coming to dinner. She runs to the bathroom, slams the door, and holds onto the sink as waves of red and black flash through her head. The sink suddenly becomes red hot and Corky thinks she hears faint laughter. A smelly steam rises from the sink and a gurgling noise ubbles up from the drain. Corky runs out and throws herself on Hannah's bed. She realizes she came close to murdering Hannah because she is the eeeeevil one now! Mwahahahaha!

Part Two - Cold Fear

We are now back in Shadyside. I know, it sucks. I can feel the depression setting in as we speak. It's Saturday afternoon and Corky is at home in her room, moping about the fact that her body is now the host for an evil spirit. Corky experiences periods in which everything is fine and she has no desire to kill anyone. But occasionally everything goes red and black and she has no memory of those periods in time. She can remember SOME things she was responsible for. Like the bubbling pea soup. She made that happen because the other girls were teasing her. She made Blair O'Connell bash her face because she was jealous. She cut Hannah's stupid hair because Hannah sucks ass. She suddenly realizes what those weird dreams where Bobbi's head opens up were trying to tell her. That she needed to look inside herself to find the evil! It's a little late now. Out of nowhere, her bed rises up with her on it and begins swinging around the room. The window slides up and slams back down, the curtains are blowing, and various items throughout the room are suddenly floating in midair. The mirror bursts into flames and melts. Corky is thrown to the floor and the carpet starts to undulate. She spots a puddle of blood on the floor that spreads and spreads until the entire floor is engulfed in it. Corky starts to drown in the blood. She shuts her eyes and screams and then she hears her brother Sean asking her what she's doing. She opens her eyes and sees that everything is in place and there is no blood anywhere. What the hell, man? Sean tells her she's completely messed up and then asks her to come to his room. She doesn't want to at first because she can feel that ominous roaring coming on. She's starting to see red and black and grabs Sean. He laughs because he thinks they're wrestling and he loves him some wrestling. She pulls his arm back and he starts screaming for her to stop and she does. She tells him to get out of her room and then she sits on her bed until the bad feelings completely pass.

Now we're treated to yet another dream! Sadness. Corky dreams that she's floating on the sea in a wooden boat. It's a bright, sunny day and she's leaning over the rail. There are two children with her that keep calling her Sarah. Suddenly the boat tilts to the side and the sky goes black. The rail turns into a snake and rears back to bite Corky... Then she wakes up. She sits up, checks the clock, and realizes that it's 7:30 and she's missed dinner. All you can think about is dinner?!?! She opens her mouth to yawn and a disgusting green gas spews from her mouth. She can't close her mouth and more and more green gas flies out, filling the room. Corky thinks she's going to vomit because the entire room smells horrid and finally the green gas stops coming and she can shut her mouth. She lays back on her bed and a voice tells her not to lay down because they have work to do. Could this possibly get any more fucked up? The answer is yes--the voice tells her they have to kill the others and they can start with Debra. Corky screams that she won't do it and the spirit says that Debra chose Hannah over Corky so Debra deserves to die. Wow. By that logic, I should have killed all of my old friends. The green gas presses down on Corky until it's back inside her and has completely taken over her body. She no longer has any control so she walks over to the phone, calls Debra, and asks her to meet her.

As Corky drives to Division Street mall, she thinks about how nice it will be to kill Debra. Over the phone, Debra had told Corky that she had to pick some things up for her mom at the mall. "Mom had kids just so she'd have slaves. That's all she does ever since I got my driver's license--sends me off to the mall to buy stuff for her." I could see her mom sending her to the grocery store or something, but to the mall? Wouldn't her poor old mom wanna go there alone to shop by herself and take some time away from her demonic spawn? Anyway, Corky wasn't really paying attention to anything Debra had to say. She was thinking about how nice it'll be to see the end of Deb. Corky pulls up to the mall and spots Debra hanging out alone. In a dark parking lot. Real intelligent. Corky presses her foot on the accelerator and speeds toward Debra with the intentions of smashing her into a pancake. Debra uses her cat-like reflexes to dive out of the way and Corky ends up hitting a pole instead. Debra runs over to see if Corky is ok and Corky lies and says the accelerator stuck and she totally lost control. Corky then tells Debra to get into the car because she has something important to tell her. Like "You're going to die. I'm going to kill you now." ? Corky drives to the old abandoned mill because secluded locations are perfect for murders. Once they get there, they get out of the car and start walking aimlessly about. Corky says she thinks the evil is in Kimmy again and they just have to do something! They climb up the mill wheel and Corky prepares to kindly pushes Debra right off the edge. But before she can, some man starts yelling at them to get the hell off the wheel. Debra climbs down, but Corky just stands there thinking "I'm going to explode! Then I'm going to twist that guy's head around until I hear his neck crack. Then I'll rip his head off and pull the brains out through the neck." Being possessed has made her more rational than ever. Corky drives Debra back to the mall and says "I'll kill you tomorrow." as Debra gets out of the car. GOOD GAWD. Debra is confused, but Corky just says she meant to say "I'll CALL you tomorrow." Right.

Corky wakes at 3 am and realizes that the spirit has left her. Oh good. Corky starts thinking about Sarah Fear and that weird sailboat dream she had. She goes into a weird sort of trance and is taken back in time. Shoot me. Blah blah blah she's on the boat with her niece and nephew blah blah blah she sees a butterfly and kills it for a laugh blah blah blah she has a conversation with a voice in her head and thinks about all the people she murdered. *sigh* I hate Sarah Fear. The boat gets tossed around by the evil inhabiting Sarah and everyone drowns. End of flashback and my eroded sanity. Then Corky sees herself in Sarah Fear's coffin with Sarah's old dirty corpse and she realizes what she must do in order to kill the evil: kill herself. NOOOOOOO!

Part Three - Hot Water

Corky wakes the next morning with the thought of death. Goooooood morning! Crazy things happen in her room so she runs to the stairs and finds that the stairs are covered in razor blades and the banister is scalding hot. Damn. Corky throws herself to the bottom of the staircase and her mother comes running to see what her psychotic child is doing now. She says she's going to fix Corky some eggs since she slept until noon and missed breakfast. In the kitchen, Corky tells her mom that she's possessed by an evil spirit, but her mom just says "Very funny" because she thinks Corky's brain is almost completely atrophied. Mom leaves the kitchen and Corky's eggs appear to be two eyeballs. Gross. Corky freaks out and jumps away from the plate as a disgusting smell fills the room. Egg farts = EPIC. Kimmy calls then and Corky tells her everything is cool even though she's secretly thinking about when she's going to kill Kimmy and Hannah. Corky asks Kimmy to meet her at River Ridge which is a cliff overlooking the Cononka River. Kimmy agrees and they hang up. Poor Kimmy.

Storm clouds block the sun as Corky waits for Kimmy to arrive. Kimmy pulls up a few minutes later wearing a red shirt and blue Lycra shorts. Dammit, Kimmy, you're going to die in THAT? Corky tells Kimmy to come over to the edge because she wants to show her something. As soon as Kimmy gets close enough, Corky pushes her over the edge. Kimmy is dead, kids. *sob* As Corky walks away, the evil tells her she must kill herself now or others will also have to die. Corky screams and pleads with it and finally overcomes it. It tells her that others will die, but they'll live forever. Whatever. Evil pisses me off. The evil then tells her that they have to leave and kill more people, but Corky defies it by jumping into the river. WHY?!?! The water gets hotter and hotter and the evil pours out of Corky's body. "She heard the evil spirit's startled cry. "I'm drowning!" And then Corky drowned. She felt as if she were shrinking. Shrinking until she was nothing but a tiny acorn floating in the water. Then a dot. A lifeless dot. She knew the evil spirit had shrunk, too. And knowing this, she died." Fucking ouch, Stine. That was heartbreaking, man.

As it starts to rain, Corky's body floats to the surface and the evil finally dies. "You are dead. And in dying, you have killed me." Good! And now we find out that Kimmy isn't even dead! Corky had to die, but Kimmy gets to live? Things aren't right with the world! Kimmy swims over to Corky and pulls her out of the water. She attempts to revive her...and it actually works! Corky LIVES. They walk away together arm in arm like nothing evil just went down. How unrealistic. I would be hauled to the local asylum and thrown in the padded room to rot.

The girls are back to cheering. After practice, they crowd at The Corner for gossip as usual. The waitress comes to take their orders and Corky says she has a craving for pea soup. The girls laugh as Corky says she's kidding and she'll just have a burger and fries. HAHAHA! Not.

Conclusion? I actually really liked this one. I wish someone had actually died, though! Dammit, Stine!

Next Time: I was going to do "The New Evil", but I can't find my copy. So instead I'll be muddling through "Party Summer". Killer on the beach, baby! Speaking of beaches, I really wish it were summer...

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